April 24, 2012

Jump on my wagon, let's band together

Here is an audio-visual list of things for which I am currently living.

1) Latrice Royale, kills only to resurrect me. 

The definition of work.

2. St. Vincent as Big Black goddamn.

That happened.

3. Finally, thank goddess, she's back. There is a new single and other new songs you should get into. And a tour coming this summer. I think I might have to make my middle school dreams come true and go see this talent live. But this, holy hell. And "so Ann D." I mean, I did think that while watching so it seemed relevant to note, here.

Ok I can't not also include it:

It's my anthem...

...along with this. I mean, obviously. Whatever.

I am the kind of freak that stays up til the wee hours of the morning alternating between working on written projects and listening to the same songs/watching the same videos on repeat. I recommend these as motivational life lessons for anyone also struggling to put your own talents to the best possible use.

April 13, 2012

It's Friday the 13th

Mood coat.

It's secondhand, Eileen Fisher, boiled wool, and practically perfect in every way.