December 12, 2012

The Way Things Are

This week in the inbox:

1. I appreciated the professional tone of this email, and noted the line at the end acknowledging that I may not respond at all. Since it seemed time, effort, and thought went into the email, I wanted to reciprocate. I shared my honest thoughts on the concept seeking promotion. 

2. Generic flattery will get you nowhere. 

3. So I guess a rate card is a thing that exists. 

If you have a blog you know all about these matters. If you read blogs but do not have a blog, please know that this is how things work these days. It was not always like this. 

I like receiving blog emails and will respond to any thoughtful messages sent my way. 

1 comment:

theperfectnose said...

Hahahaha hilarious! You've put everything so aptly that there's really nothing more to say. XD
I too, have an unsponsored blog and find it irritating when people come and plug stuff that has nothing to do with my blog-but then I detest spam in general so I expect that's part of it XD