December 17, 2012

Harmonies and Variations

These additions, some more recent than others, form the basis for central ideas about wearing dresses.

In the first instance, there were pleats and form-fitting tailoring. Initially, the plan was to only wear this as a base layer, to which oversized sweaters or tee shirts could be added.

Then, most recently, came the idealized version of a dress itself. Black, oversized in my most prized cocoon shape, the pleats still in place, and a subtly intriguing detail at the hem offering the absolute slightest peek of thigh flesh.

Somewhere in between these I acquired the silk long sleeved oversized dress of dreams, complete with pockets and a fascinating sleeve pleat detail - a long slit that opens.

The back is finished with buttons.

Also of note, a new lip color. This makes four lipstick tubes on a shelf in my bathroom. Again, my special best friend was involved. She's been there with me for my most notable lipcolor decisions, encouraging me as only a true friend who understands can.

She sent me this Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Color "Cocoa" lipstick in the mail, after guiding me to try it on weeks ago. It reads very dark in person, but not in a goth way. The darkness reminds me of 90s R&B and what I imagine to be the color worn by flappers, even though those photos are always black and white. I think this last resonance is why I felt compelled to combine it with the drop waist pleats.

Dresses, all had for $26 - 50 each:

1. Made by Theory, found at the Buffalo Exchange in Berkeley, CA

2. Made by Diane von Furstenberg, found at VACATION in San Francisco

3. Made by Dennis Goldsmith, found at NO vintage shop in San Francisco


Syed said...

That second dress looks amazing. Loving the chain seams, and the shoulder/sleeve shape is ace. The shape of the last dress is dope.

Anonymous said...

that lipstick looks beautiful on you. i'm curious, is it at all hydrating?

Claudette said...

i'm into it! i'm waaay into that pose in the second photo of the first set.

morganvsmorgan said...

That really is a very 90's rnb lip colour - I think it suits you, and it definitely suits those black dresses. The cocoon shaped one with the pleats is definitely my favourite.

Lily said...

1. Anything button-back makes me weak at the knees. I love that you found a dress version, which is a cool modern take on the look. It's crazy when something can be so 40s and 50s yet take on a whole new identity. It almost looks super minimal and 90s.

2.I love all the detailing in all these black pieces in general! Especially the subtleties of peek-a-boo trimming with the very structured tennis skirt pleating.