September 6, 2012

It's Luxury to Me

Oh hi there. I'm just trying out my new Invisible Chair Pose™ and trying to look nonchalant about it.

What I'm also doing here today is sharing what I look like when I'm in head-to-toe designer garments and feeling pretty special about it. Basically, this is what zeroing in on pieces of my own ideal wardrobe looks like.

top: Yohji Yamamoto, 100% cotton, made in Japan
skirt: Sonia Rykiel, 100% wool, made in France
boots: Robert Clergerie, patent leather with stitched lug sole, made in France

All three pieces: bought secondhand for $30-$50 each.

In my last post, I shared my new Y's pant/suspender deal. While those were in transit to me, I stumbled upon this fucking perfect Yohji Yamamoto tee shirt at Wasteland in Haight Ashbury. I was there selling a bundle of clothing and making $$, and also found this amazing Sonia Rykiel skirt the same day. I sold about 30-40 pieces of clothing I no longer wanted to wear, and left with these two new addition, plus a bunch more cash money. It was an immediate upgrade.

I've been wearing this tee shirt almost every day since then. I can not get over how soft it is. And the neck and sleeves are ribbed! And the sleeves are cut at an angle! I'm into ribbing as a thing that exists, but not on my torso. So, perfect use of ribbing. Also, perfect cut/length for wearing with baggy pants and pleated skirts.

And then there is this heavy wool skirt that is ideal in fabric, color, length, comfort, and use of the slit.

Even though I'm always broke, I feel like I live a life of luxurious splendor.


Isabel said...

You look perfect Susie! All of these outfits are the height of majestic simplicity. They look (and probably feel) lovely.

Melissa said...

haha, I love the chair pose. I really love the skirt, too.

<3 Melissa

Low Couture said...

I love. To me, luxurious. How i want to feel when i put on clothes