August 7, 2012

Umit B. Loved

Two years ago my fashion and life partner brought Mr. Umit Benan to my attention with this post. A few weeks ago, I came across this Dazed Digital presentation, complete with a video; the photos copped, collaged and pasted below; and some vaguely explanatory text.

The short story is as follows: this is a menswear collection for spring 2013. It is named "I Once Loved a Woman Who Loves Menswear..." Well, that makes two of us. (Self-love is essential!) The runway presentation began with men rising from bed. The idea is that they are in love with a woman who loves menswear. So, when they get up, they put on her clothes. And they are perfect for him. They are also perfect for me. 

I wanna explore these colors, work these shapes, and acquire some wide-vertical-stripe pants. But mostly, I want those vertical stripe pants.


Prêt à Porter P said...

very good styling, and an interesting way to show a menswear collection.

Izzy said...

I love this. The silhouettes are vaguely Haider men's. Why then call it a menswear collection, why not just call it a collection?

Syed said...

Heck yeah, love Umit! The SS11 collection where he asked Burhan Ocal to model was insanely cool. And in response to Izzy, I think its because it is intended as a menswear collection - it just happens that women can wear it too.

Yohji used all female models for one of his menswear collections, but that didn't detract from the fact that it was a men's collection (and he happened to do his women's collection the same season as usual). I think all garments are cut with either a man's body or woman's body in mind, but whether the other wants to wear it depends on their individual body and the cut of the garment - there will always be a fluidity.

Gender boundaries are a guideline rather than a rule. As much as Rad Hourani may disagree with his unisex clothing (which had gotten progressively feminine as opposed to unisex as it started), I think there will always be an intended body type. So yes, this is a men's collection, but it is also one that women can try on to see if it works for them.

Will said...

Oh, I always love Umit and the bold concepts he envelopes each season in. You and Michael should do matching wide stripe pants!