August 17, 2012

Roominess of One's Own

This is possibly the most unflattering (in the traditional sense) knit top + elastic waisted skirt + sock + shoe combo for the body of a young woman, but that is also one of the top reasons why I enjoyed wearing it so much.

The number one reason I enjoy this look is the leopard sock combined with leopards on the skirt.


Sarah said...

SUCH a genius silhouette and outfit. And you're right, the skirt & socks are like perfect for each other.

(Massive fan of the entire blog by the way. Yours is one of the best/sanest fashion blogs out there.)

Isabel said...

Whatever man, this outfit rules! You are a huge style inspiration to me. :)

Low Couture said...

Love the synching of the leopard. Matching is so fun and was probably the best thing that came from Middle School.

x Peter

Syed said...

Sod unflattering, I think it is an amazing silhouette! Plus in the words of Yohji, the mystery is always more appealing than the reveal (I think it applies for both menswear and womenswear).

Claudette said...

the attention you pay to space and to clothes in equal amounts in these photos makes me happy. that's awkward sentence, i know, but that's how i feel. also, leopard on leopard!!