June 19, 2012

Brite Futures

Things happen when i wear these pants, different things. The feeling starts when I put them on. A strange power flows through these layered, silky, billowing yards of shockingly bright fabric. Several poses in the mirror later, along with some quality swooshing of the legs and splaying the pants out wide with hands in pockets then letting the fabric fall like a collapsing tent, and I am ready. 

Walking around in them, all over the city, brings a variety of stares and looks. A little girl, probably 4 or 5, stares transfixed by the pants. Another hip young woman stares while grinning widely. It makes me laugh. In the Japanese grocery store, a teenage female stocking the shelves gapes with her braces showing, and after a long pause stopped directly in front of me, she declares, "those pants are so bright!" 

"Yes, they are." I say to her. I get on with browsing for a sesame-based snack.

This profile is different, too. Not my usual form-hiding layer that drapes to below my hips. These pants my be extremely loose, but they also define my form. They make a threadbare cotton tee with holes look nearly blouse-like. They elevate that which they touch to the place where fancy borders on gaudy.

But I like to keep them simple. They are just another pair of pants, after all. They demand attention, but they don't have a strong message. They are just, different. They are almost too bright to handle, a feeling I don't mind draping across my body from time to time.

100% secondhand items, including the couch :/


Joy said...

YOU LOOK SO GOOD. They would make me a little self-conscious with all the attention it will garner, but kudos for you man for rocking it with your head held high.

nanashi said...

love the proportion of the bottom! you pull it off very well! great to see another person working on wide pants and skirt volumes, reminds me of Yohji and Rei and classic Japanese dressing


Simple and great color.

Poppy said...

those trousers are fricken insane. Love the colour xx

Emmie said...

they look so so good on! The silhouette is beautiful

Syed said...

Gah, I absolutely love the shape of those trousers!


Sometimes I'm surprised at what I like. These pants, for example, are not anything one would assume I would like, but I love them.

Also, I get what you mean about real life and real people, but then not all glossy photos are the result of 100% artifice. A lot of times yes, but there are exceptions. I've always wondered what people view my images as vs maybe other famous bloggers in the typical pseudo-model photos. It would sadden me to think that people might lump me into that, when my job as a designer and visual professional just makes me churn out certain kinds of image standards. I don't know, blurry lines I guess. But I guess blogging in general opens you up to interpretation - good or bad.

(hope you're well!)