May 16, 2012


The first time I started blogging it was to deal with the change of moving to a more isolated-feeling location (Minnesota). A place that seemed a bit more disconnected from Style, Fashion, Beauty, Glamour, and Artifice than my previous residence in California. I had great fun playing a character who did not fit into this humble environment in terms of daily dress.

Now, I reside in a city. Despite what you may have heard, people in San Francisco do put on airs of "having style" in select locations on a not altogether infrequent basis. I enjoy this, but it also puts my own appearance again into question. What role do I want to play here? What garments suit my needs? (What are my needs?)

Though I maintain a commitment to hot pink (to be further demonstrated), and have investigated select prints, I often find a neutral palette is the best thing for dealing with uncertainty.

These two looks are notable in that I managed to successfully not wear any black. I share them with you because I actually wore them. While I might sound less than confident about these matters, I assure you that these are all garments that suit me quite well. I enjoy them, for the time being.



Twobreadsplease said...

you are looking lovely! please tell me where those amazing tan shoes are from xx

Susie said...

the shoes are calvin klein collection! found them on about a year ago, and i wear them constantly.