May 30, 2012

Faded Glory

These fabrics and colors are faded, but bright. These are worn in, soft, humble pieces of clothing that don't scream out about anything in particular. But they exude a quality of longevity that comes from fit, function, and most importantly from the intangible and indescribable element that drew me to each piece. I'm not sure how much of this comes across in the photos. I'm not sure if such things ever can. But when I saw how blown out the highlights are on these iphone pictures, taken in the bright San Francisco afternoon sun, I found it fitting that the light and the gorgeous blossoms on the trees obscure the details, leaving just traces of color and silhouette.


Low Couture said...

I understand your need to wear something with softness ( :

x Peter @

Syed said...

That description is essentially how I wish I could dress every day. I'm trying to find that place in my mind as well as in how I dress, and it's proving to be an interesting, if somewhat unpredictable, journey. And I really do love the outfit.