May 17, 2012

Blue Jean Cry Baby

Let's talk about jeans. Non-stretchy, thick as hell, seems like they will last forever, button fly, vintage, real, true, hard working, no bells and whistles, MENS jeans. I bought two pairs. This, for me, is a big deal.

My history with denim is tumultuous. Jeans felt like a torture device when I was a child, and as a child of the American South, they were basically a uniform for most children. I did not care. I refused them. I'm convinced they caused stomach aches. Leggings, tights, and and stretchy bottoms of all sorts have been the saving pant grace in my lifetime. I rejoiced at the advent of stretch denim. It meant I would finally be able to wear jeans that weren't 3 sizes too big. (I resorted to wearing way too big jeans in high school, so they would fall to my hips and thus feel comfortable. This was not grunge-era.) When was that? When my bad pant situation turned into a tight yet cozy pant situation? 2001?

Somehow, recently, actual blue jeans seemed like a thing to have. The stretch jeans, it turns out, do not last. Like most things I spend a good deal of time wearing, I got sick of them all. I decided I could toughen up and get myself some mother fucking 501s.

And so I did.

What you see here are:

1) One pair vintage Levi's 501s (top).
2) One pair Marlboro Classics (bottom).

Both were found in the Castro. The Levi's are a bit more stonewashed or something. There is fading where the previous man owner kept his wallet. They are certainly not the most comfortable on the ole waist, but I keep trying to imagine how they'll feel in like 10 more years. That's the idea, right? I couldn't pass them up because a) I was out shopping for 501s b) I could button these c) they did not look horrendous on my body/legs, and most importantly d) they were marked half off. Of $14.

As for the Marlboro Classics, these are more wearable. Roomier, and already softer. They are a brighter and deeper blue, and made in Italy, to boot. A vintage steal for $12.

Now that I have not one but two pairs of actual jeans, I've been attempting to wear them. So far the results are mixed.


Twobreadsplease said...

let's see those jeans in action, please. x

Susie said...

^ funny, i just started a new post that begins with the jeans "inaction" -- coming v. soon :)

Anonymous said...

nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

i never had a thing for real jeans, stretchy or not. still not very in my element to wear them. now that comfort drives what i wear, this idea will never be lived out. a great idea nonetheless. i recently got some high-waisted stretchy 'jeans' from asos and i think they're be my staples for a long time coming.