March 27, 2012

Time Travels

It has been over a year since I attended the first professional, out of town sort of gathering for would-be and actually-are intellectual types. I shared what I wore, and my clothing souvenir from that trip.

And this week, it's time for round two. I'll be presenting my thoughts to people I respect. Which means right now, I need to figure out what to wear. I have yet to settle on final outfits, but I have a general vibe in mind, and it's called HBIC.

Inspiration comes in the form of one of my favorite archival Style Bubble posts, on Anne Marie Beretta. I was already on my own Beretta hunt for iconic pieces, when Susie posted what remains one of the best collections of AMB imagery. Some choice picks I lifted:

And my own Google image search yielded this captivating image, from this obscure (to me) source. From what appears to be the caption, I believe this to be Carla Bruni at her best, ever.

Tomorrow night final decisions must be made. Bags must be packed. And then for three days, looks must be executed. Let's not talk about the final edits that also must be made to this presentation. For now, beauty rest is needed.

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SoapiUk said...

wow carla bruni looks stunning here! x