March 21, 2012

Busy. Body.

The styles of everyday life/
The life of everyday styles/

Clothes that I wear all the time/
Scenes that I chose to photograph/have photographed/

Moments that were happy for one reason or another.

Wearing: Vintage cotton knit sweater that I've been living in, tan leopard print socks, vintage metallic/patent bronze shoes, with a certain leather bag sneaking into the frame.

For real, posting this. Wow. Outfit worn to pick up take-out burgers one chilly evening. Top to bottom: Old Navy size L hoodie, given to me by a friend when I was under-dressed for SF's sudden changes of weather. The gray Gap wool coat I wear all the time, and love, and which is years old, and which was on sale for very cheap. H&M floral leggings, the most comfortable leggings in history. Heavy ass socks, Robert Clergerie boots that were at a second hand store unworn for also very cheap, considering. Not pictured: raggedy tee shirt, lack of a bra.

Wearing the Clergeries again. And it should be known (should it?) that they are a half size too small. Still. I wear these pants about 2-3 times a week. Often with this vintage icy blue button up shirt. Corsia bag in the mix. Taken by a friend, I like this picture despite my horrible squinting face.

These days I stay too busy. And in times like these, when I do get to chill, I often resort to the fabrics that feel most like a second skin.

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Syed said...

That first photograph is absolutely beautiful. And I really like how those floral leggings pop out, reminds me of Yohji (this Spring or last Spring...things are getting muddled up in my mind).