February 17, 2012

Spirit Collections: Part 1

I'm back. With some sickening (in both senses of the term) runway looks in a shade of Nicki Minaj lip color. This is the first in a weekend series of three posts about how I'm working on getting my groove back. And also finding new grooves (via old habits) or something.

Did you hear? It's fashion week times once again, just like it was a few months back, and will be again in yet a few months. What will the future look like? Will these fashion wizards tell us, using but mere cloth and emaciated, mostly pale, bodies? Gosh, I sure hope so. I know that my present had been getting stale, and the future, well, isn't it supposed to always get better?

Pardon my sarcasm. What I really mean to say is, I just haven't felt the special fashion spark lately. Not much has been said on the runways. There have been no revelations in dress. A lack of leadership, or vision, or challenge, or perhaps funds and creative support. Especially in New York. And if you don't trust me, just check in with HBIC Cathy Horyn. I often find myself in agreement with her. And if Ralph Lauren is ranking high on her list simply because he did a good job, once again, making clothes, then I know I'm in for some lackluster shit.

But ever since the internet let me pretend to have some feigned "access" to the hubbub (used it) of fashion weeks, I have generally not cared too much for the immediacy of the newest seasons. So, as it's now about to be spring, I'm interested in seeing what spring 2012 looks were/are all about. Because I need to think about dressing for spring and I'd like some visual cues.

With all the typical offerings not really doing anything for me, I found myself in a strange place. I just started clicking aimlessly on brand/designer names on style.com. Who would surprise me? Who might offer some glimmer of hope, a striking sort of originality that resonates?

Somehow this is my answer to a rut of clothing boredom: Costume National Spring 2012. I believe this to be one of my current top 3 "spirit" collections. 

On my use of "spirit collection": The term sprang from my monologue on this collection. Looking at the odd tailoring, the gross colors, the random bondage element below, the sheer, and especially the bad shoes, especially the use of seafoam green and a pointy toed heel, I realized, I love shit like this. I love silk pants. I love weird jackets. I had both a seafoam green and a hot pink phase (7th grade and 2003-2006, respectively). And pointed toe shoes have always been OK with me. Let's be real, I was one of those girls with some Irregular Choice flats with the pointed toe that actually curled up at the tip, so long and pointy was its toe.

I realized that Costume National 2012 captured something of my own spirit. It made me reflect on my life up to this point, on the things about my past selves I rejected out of conformity to newness and fear of my differences, but which I always still secretly treasured (like my 7th grade picture day look: a top to bottom all seafoam green vintage 70s pant suit featuring a wide lapel blazer, flared trousers, and worn with but a white babydoll tanktop underneath).

There is something here for every Susie. Me at 3, 10, definitely at 13, probably still at 15, fully again at 20, and, well, me right now. We all would be into this.

This season, I'm focusing on developing my fashion spirit. What that means may be scary at times, even to me. Like when I decide to actually embrace the pointy slingback kitten heels currently gathering dust in my closet, or attempt to wear something that pleases me as much as that dress above right, which looks like its growing chest hair.

The lesson in my mind is not so much about being some special unique individual bold individual woman, but about scratching my way out of a now quite familiar rut. It's the place I get myself into when Big Life Changes scare me into dressing in some sort of sad camouflage so that I can pretend to hide in plain sight while I adjust to my surroundings. This is a stupid thing I do, and it never even works. They still see me. 

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gerald said...

This post really resonated with me and I found it particularly inspiring, especially the last paragraph.

Also, I would LOVE to see you in some pink. I'd die!