February 21, 2012

Part 3: Growing Up Too Fast

AKA On Becoming a Bad Bitch
AKA "Mature for Her Age"
AKA A Post about St. John. Yes, St. John.

I did start to take a peek into Fall 2012, just to see what was happening. And this is my favorite thing that happened. Sorry, but it's true. SO shiny!

So ridiculously beautiful and perfect for all future Susies. At 30, 40, 50, 60... you get the idea. So I think at this point my plan is to move through the Costume National and Sonia Rykiel type looks in my ultimate, decades-long transition into a funkier, less severe version of this woman:

Mature me will probably have less shiny and less curl-bouncy hair than the above ladies, but she will most likely serve up this kind of face.

While it's true that I am already using some "youth regenerating" face serum nightly, I am also completely embracing my aging process. Being older will look great. (My birthday is soon, must keep telling myself these things.)


Izzy said...

You got my eyes squinting and head shaking violently. St. John? Really? It's pretty darn good!

gerald said...

This collection is great. It's got that smoldering and louche Yves St Laurent/Lanvin attitude minus the underground "woman of the night." Love. It would suit you well.

vliin said...
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