October 25, 2011

Things Make the Woman

There is a woman I often see who wears nice things, always. Every time I see her, I comment, "Oh, that's a nice [thing]." She replies, "I got it at [a place where things cost a pretty penny]." Or sometimes, the thing is "vintage."

She is lovely and sweet, and she has a neat, stylish haircut. She seems daring for her age, what with her smart haircut and endless display of nice, unique, attention-getting things to wear.

When I think of this woman, I mostly think of the things that adorn her. Not anything about her, but just what she was wearing on separate occasions, occasions of which none stand out as noteworthy, other than the impression left by her items of clothing. In my mind, she is simply "that coat I saw once." And man, what a coat. The coat had a "unique" cut, which was balanced by the fact that it was rendered in tones of olive and army green. I don't often see a coat that looks exactly like it, because of it's slightly "unique" cut. Although, come to think of it, it does resemble plenty of other more popular, mainstream coats, that I do often see.

I digress.

In her remarkable and interesting garments, she never fails to look a bit extraordinary. She accumulated enough things over the years to present herself every day as a person of above-average "taste" in clothing. This last sentence is what I imagine she and the people who know her have come to believe, what is probably noted about her.

Now, before I go any further (because I'm about to ask some questions that might seem critical and be mistaken as insulting to this lovely woman -- which is not my intention at all), it must be said that I know very little about this woman personally. I know a few basic details of her family life and interests. I know her approximate age. I do not know her beliefs, dreams, hopes, hates, or desires. I do not know her deeply at all.

But her clothing tells me a few things. It tells me that she has money, first and foremost. And she enjoys spending that money on clothing. This is not unusual. But does her daily display of unique, interesting, attention-getting, well-fitting, layered, patterned, patchwork, designer-and-vintage-mixed clothing and up-to-date accessories and shoes mean anything about her person? Anything at all? Is she more intriguing? More beautiful? More appealing to other stylish women as a potential friend?

What does it mean to have achieved some current mandate of stylish dressing?

I don't know. I'm just asking.

October 13, 2011

Black and White Swirl

This is an outfit I recently wore.

I wore it to work.

We can all agree these pants are amazing, right?

I bought them because of this.