December 11, 2011

Object of Desire: Dries Van Noten Ankle Boots

I have a neurotic story, but I'll save it for the end. For now, just look:

I fell in love with these boots, and I had to have them. The hunt for a non-lace-up black ankle boot led me down some predictable paths. I have an etsy account filled with "favorited" 90s chunky heel chelsea boots and the like. But then I found these in a San Francisco shoe store just down the block from my home (with online store and international shipping), Gimme Shoes.

At first glance they didn't stand out to me, as my eye was drawn to ubiquitous Acne boot styles and more elaborate Dries shoes. On a second perusal of the shop, I asked to try them on, even though I wasn't fully sold on the look of them, sitting there on the shelf. But once I had them on my feet I knew we had a problem. Because they are perfect in every way and I can wear them with everything and I like the shininess and the crackle leather, the slim fit and the height of the heel and how they are almost like a 90s shoe but not clunky or with boxy shaped toe. How they are sleek but wearable and dressy but not overly so and they are really comfortable and easy to walk in, plus the little tread on the heel, what a cute touch, and if you think about it they looks like a classic Dries pump on the bottom with an extra sock-like leather piece that creates a boot, but not in a corny Marc Jacobs or Miu Miu way (that glitter boot that looks like a pump with a glitter sock is fucking heinous and so were those MJ sock-boot things). I digress. Um, what else? Oh, the stitched sole that extends from the shoe so that they will last a long time, since walking is my primary mode of transportation. Just need to cover the leather sole with an extra sole layer for heavy city wear and all will be right in my shoe game this fall.

I would also like to state for the record that the plants aren't staged. I'm just extremely lazy and sunlight comes through the window to the left. We really need to get those into a planter. They have been there, on the corner of the dining room table, for weeks.


Claudette said...

No laces! No laces! I've been on a similar hunt.

One can only dream of Dries.

Lucinda said...

Thank goodness someone else agrees with me about the Miu Miu glitter booties - AWFUL! Very nice boots.

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

SOOOO good. i hope you have been getting fantastic use out of them!