December 5, 2011

Bum Equipment

You might have noticed a slow down in posts. My life is a bit hectic, and I'm no fool when it comes to prioritizing. Blogging takes the back seat when it's crunch time for work that either pays me or might very well pay me in the near future. Plus, sickness. Plus, gluttony holiday.

Still, I'm here now. Here to show you what clothing looks like in the life of a woman who works part time to pay the bills so she can work on her actual goals of writing and such in the other amount of remaining time.

This lifestyle I find myself in requires maximum comfort, while this city I find myself in requires knitwear. Thus, my fall-winter look goes more or less as follows: I wear a lot of pullover sweaters with cozy pants. Either the sweater or the pants can be a print or a color, but so far I have not managed to be top-to-bottom print/color. (Working on that!)

For example, I have these brightly colored printed pants in a thick natural fabric that keeps my lower half climate controlled. On top, I have one cozy as fuck 100% cashmere sweater (a mens one by Adam Kimmel).

I found the pants on etsy last spring (see also), and I just picked up the cashmere sweater at Crossroads in the Castro (priced at $27, but I just traded in some old stuff for a total cost of $0).

Alternately, I have been in love with this bright aqua blue wool/poly sweater (it's J. Press for UO, hence the standard cut and bright color combined with cheap materials). I also got this secondhand on trade at the Buffalo Exchange in Haight-Ashbury (which is 90% filled with crap -- and yet I've bought two awesome things there in the last 3-4 months). 

Lastly, please let me self-indulgently talk to you again about this black wool coat. I love it! It remains perfect. I wear it constantly. Remember how I got it for $9 at a thrift store in L.A.? This is the stuff my dreams are made of.



Isabel said...

These outfits are so perfect and inspiring. Cozy yet classy. Those colourful pants are absolutely UNREAL!

Stephanie said...

I can't wait for the full debrief on those boots. Also, I gotta borrow one from #shitgirlssay and tell you that "Your hair is getting so long!"

Lucinda said...

That wool coat is the kind of piece I'd spend good money on, and you found it in an op-shop? Wow. The stuff dreams are made of indeed.

discotheque confusion said...

Man, these outfits are stellar and look 'genuinely' cosy which is something that in my book generally means it lacks something in the aesthetics department. Really like the shade of the blue jumper too, like 'baby blues' older, cooler, less prim sibling. Reminds me to wear more colour.