September 12, 2011

Maximal Pant-age for a Minimal Life

I think it's safe to say that I've developed a full-blow pants problem. As in, I keep buying new pants. Enough is enough! I have enough pants. I need to stop. I don't even have that many good shirts to go with this plenitude o' pants.

This pair comes from my St. Vincent de Paul of Los Angeles thrift store haul, from back in July. Actually, they came to me from my bff's findings, made mine in a generous thrift hand-down. Here, you can witness my first time wearing them out of the house. Or really, on my body at all since trying them on. So much hot pink fabric. Blah blah spring summer Jil Sander blah blah blah...

And so this was yesterday. This is not at all how I intended to capture these pants in photos to show to you guys. I meant to do some sleek n' chic minimal wall-standing, looking regal a la Brook and Lyn or some shit. I considered shirt tucked (pants are very high-waisted, as in there is about 5 more inches of rise covered by my shirt, below) but in the end, this is how I actually wore my clothes. So, realness.

Anyhow, I went off to find some perfectly lit wall in the harsh mid-day sun. (I was reminded how I didn't do so well in photo class.) I also wanted to show you the pants in motion, somehow. Billowing in the wind like they do. Something where you could almost hear the swish swish sound they make through the screen.

But, I got distracted. By this sign.

And then, further derailed by these beekeepers who we at first took to be a hilltop cult gathering for cultish activities, which IMO urban beekeeping might as well describe.

The real reason I can't be bothered to tuck in this shirt, even if it looked better from the front (ie gave me a waist, ie made me look thinner in photos), is this amazing back vent. I've sung the praises of this linen t-shirt before, but it is truly a fine garment. Goes well with many a crazy pant, and should last forever. I hope. I find the peek of back a sort of sexy that I can deal with, and I don't evoke the term "sexy" too often to describe my dress.

There is so much more fabric than you can even imagine. And if the pants weren't enough on their own, just think, they were originally part of a 2 piece pant suit, with matching jacket.

Some beautiful pleating, and my olive colored bag. Here, post-soy latte and blueberry muffin.

So there you have it. I went out one morning in hot pink enormé pants, posed in front of an aggressive spray painted message, then underneath some hilltop beekeepers, and then stopped for a latte and muffin. I'll have you know that after that outing, it was time to go home right back home.


Samantha said...

Ah, are you even real? Way too awesome for the internet! :')

Alice /// VESTIGIAL WINGS said...

love it. reminds me of the jil sander looks with the bright maxiskirt but better