September 1, 2011

Great Recommendations

It is only through the generosity of others that this lil ole blog has grown. Many new visitors are graced with my ramblings when sweet ladies like Miss Woo of Cheapskate Chic explicitly tell her readers to come pay me a visit. Enough of you have decided to stick around that I thought I might pass along a few of my very favorite current reads of the style blog variety.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!


sink then swim // Claudette
Claudette and I met briefly and crossed paths a few times while I was living in the Twin Cities. Yet we never exchanged more than a few niceties. I'll spare you my Craigslist Missed Connections lamentation on what our relationship could have been. What you should know is that the woman has impeccable taste and enviable style. Her blog contains a perfect balance of insightful text and striking imagery. I regularly learn about new people, places, and things from her.

For instance, did you know that seen from their peaks all mountains, regardless of shape or size, cast triangular shadows?

And it was her post on this Tilda Swinton editorial following a staff change at W and that led me to pick up a copy at the airport. I am seriously kicking myself for leaving it on the plane.

Claudette features some things fashion, but just as often posts concern photographers, artists, natural phenomena, or writers. I always look forward to her posts. Ok that last one goes for the other two ladies listed below as well.


the animal orchestra // Nadia
Nadia's blog is another source of enviable imagery. But this isn't just fancy photographs of myriad goods. She features sparse and carefully selected pieces of a cohesive aesthetic environment. Often, images focus on the details in close-up, highlighting an interest in textures, colors, plays of light. I very much enjoy this sense of the materiality of her objects. When she chooses to share her things, it's clear they are special.

I tried to "sum up" what I want to say to you about Nadia with some eloquence beyond just "go read her blog now," but all I can think about is how fucking rad that skirt and ring look. Damn.


I like Ally's blog for a couple of reasons. One, she is open about her life process as a young woman moving through the world. I enjoy her honesty and voice. But what caught my attention initially were her collages of awesome shit I would either want to wear or love to see people wearing, and her photos of her surroundings in Glasgow (though she has since moved to London).

I particularly enjoyed these scenes from her old neighborhood. 

And I specifically remember this collage. It piqued my interest and led to a deep perusal of her archives, because I'm an internet creep like that. I fell in love with that wooden platform sandal and the rest is RSS feed subscription history.


Each of these blogs delivers quality over quantity, and each of these ladies has a keen eye for what suits their taste. What comes across to me, despite stylistic differences, is the sense that behind the intriguing pictures these are all young women trying to make something of themselves.

Reading these, I feel connected to others working to create a space and a mode of being that suits particular sensibilities. As a place to play with the malleable ideas of images, blogs encourage growth and change, not only in outward appearances. They allow, at times demand, deepening one's consciousness. As far as I can tell, working such things out via style in a public forum is as good a place as any to move through this process.


Miss Woo said...

Ally is totally my internet girl crush but thanks for the other two recs :D So glad to have new, interesting blogs to obsess over.

Joy said...

Oh wow thanks for recommending these blogs! Will duly check them out asap.

Claudette said...

oh man! thank you, susie. i will refrain from making self-deprecating remarks about my style and just accept your nice comments. plus, now i have two exciting blogs to add to my reading list. you're the best. xo

animalorchestra said...

Thank you so much. I am humbled and thrilled in equal amounts.

C Miner said...

I'll definitely be checking those out. In the meantime, I wrote about you:

Hopefully my two or three readers will be headed your way soon.

Alice /// VESTIGIAL WINGS said...

great recs! i like seeing recs from blogs I like.