August 4, 2011

The P Word

Thrifting with the right friend makes the whole experience sweeter. You can encourage one another to embrace the ridiculous, knowing it'll only set you back 5 bones, or less (ideally). Such was the case last week when my bff and I descended on her favorite St. Vincent de Paul in LA.

I haven't had such a good time and such good results actually thrifting (not resale, there's a difference, it's in the price) in so long. I was starting to lose faith that it could still be this good. But just look at these pants! Paisley!! I know homegirl thought I was stricken with thrift store "crazy eye" (a condition brought on by intensively scrutinizing discarded fashions in a dimly lit warehouse for over 40 minutes) when I pulled these off the rack like I had unearthed a rare, precious treasure. But I've actually been in the market for some paisley for about 8-9 months now. Yes. 8-9 months it has been since I thought, "I know... PAISLEY!"

And so it was.

Windblown: I'm doing it wrong.

These are the perfect tapered trouser cut, and were had for a fair $3.99. Perfect for my "just escaped from months of unemployment" budget vacay allowance. Loose through the hips and thighs, and very high on the waist. Lightweight cotton. Vintage GAP.

Also scored was this coat. Brand: Dumas (?), price: $9.99. Featuring: almost unacceptably big shoulder pads, shawl collar, no closure, straight cut and drapey along the body, baggy sleeves, a length not already featured in my closet. Results so far: Perfect for the lack of any real season that is life in San Francisco.

Seriously, why do I actually still need a coat in July? For a couple weeks this was bumming me out. But LA helped, and now I'm fully embracing it. It's fall (ie the best season for dressing) all year here! Why would I ever complain about that??

And look, I took the camera out of the house. It's still quite empty inside our place right now, so I thought I would treat you to some color and texture while I commence the standing in front of walls. Fuck a blogging cliché, walls are still my favorite backdrops. Maybe I'll feature more of San Francisco's many beautiful walls in the future. But you'll never catch me in the middle of the street. It's not that middle of street photos don't look great. They certainly do. They literally put the "street" in "street style" (har har). But they always look so dangerous to me!

That said, thanks to my homie Dylan for the pictures. He was standing in the middly of an alley street taking these and was unaware of an oncoming car. I warned him of course (see below), and he is safe and sound. But it just showed me that the stakes are high, and the dangers very real, in this cutthroat game we call fashion blogging.


Andrew said...

suuuch a great look

I feel like those pants shouldn't work but they really do, they're quite incredible on!

sight said...

I really like the cut and the colour of the top, slouchy loveliness.


Woman! So nice to have met you. After a busy busy weekend and jumping back into work I've finally had a moment to say hello again. Hope you're well!

SoapiUk said...

ohh im loving your trousers & shoes! Looks comfy but still chic!

R A said...

Good outfit! Paisley is always a winner with me.