August 25, 2011

Comfort Inn

When adjusting to a major life change and maintaining balance by staying home during most of one's free time, a comfortable uniform for work and play is ideal. I'm talking about me here. I wear this outfit a lot lately. And I'm pretty sure it rules.

How perfect is the t-shirt? Have you ever seen a more prefect specimen in heather gray? The crew neck, the sleeve length, the overall length, the fit, and what you can't see here is that it's not a basic cotton. It has this incredible smoothness, almost a sheen, like a heavy silk or even some poly or acrylic or lycra or acetate or something I don't even know about. (I do not know because the tags are all washed out.) Basically, it's very, very smooth on the surface. Imagine a bathing suit material mixed with the softest vintage t-shirt and that is what it feels like to me. It is made by Bally, and I picked it up secondhand at Crossroads in the Castro.

Speaking of soft and smooth, these pants are also both of those things. Pleats, loose fit, low rise, zipper on the hip. There were a ton of these on sale at Gap. I probably should have bought more of them, and in other colors. They are great pants.

You should already know about these mesh top shoes

I also got this coat during that shopping day in the Castro. It's linen, and lined. It seemed quite overpriced compared to everything else I bought in this used clothing haul. I say overpriced because I had no idea what this brand Nakkna was, and no one working there could tell me either. They just said to me, "It's avant-garde, you know," when I inquired as to how they determined the used selling price. I looked it up when I got home and felt justified for my spending, somehow.

It is a pretty great coat, and needed to be mine. Costs be damned! Right? No? That's not how this works?

This post was written while listening to Beck's 'Modern Guilt.' But the truth is, I don't have guilt feelings. Not about buying clothing at least. No I do not need it but I need it you know? I need it the way a musician needs instruments and the way a chef needs good cookware. No I do not make anything of value by wearing clothing on my body. No I do not sell my "style," though, come to think of it, many bloggers have, and that is wonderful in its way. Maybe there are other ways to circulate something of value though. Ways that do not have to do with money. I use the tag "sharing" a lot. Because I want to share, and I want to be shared with. 

We all have to balance our own budgets, a highly personal matter. But what's the big secret? That you have more than you are comfortable with? Or less? I am content with my livable combined income gained through the privilege of heterosexual marriage and able-bodied-and-minded employment. And I want more. Not a lot, but just a smidge more. And right now, with a mountain of debt I prefer not to think about and no prospect of ever shedding it, and with a studio apartment and some decent furniture, and with a life filled with love, and with some decent shit to wear that I feel good wearing, I am great.

But this cold has got to go. I think the sinus pressure is making me write weird things on the internet.


Claudette said...

I've figured it out. Yes. It's not that you're pretty and that you dress awesome(ly). You do have that but lots of bloggers do too. (Sorry to lump you with others.) But wait. What you do have and very rarely do others, is your ability to write like an essayist. Here's my compliment: your prose keeps me coming back for more. I'm jealous.

Great coat!

十十f十 said...

i want every item on you. i totally get you there. but i do still get the guilt thing sometimes.

C Miner said...

Your style and my style couldn't possibly be more different, but your blog is one of my favourites because I actually want to read it. I hope you continue to write weird things on the internet :)