July 19, 2011

Vague Days

July is a peak in the calendar year. July holds my father's and my brother's birthdays. And just around the corner, in August, the birthdays of my husband and my best friend. In past Julys I traveled to beautiful places, held intimate conversations, and forged bonds that taught me what is precious and wonderful about life. My Julys are joyous and impassioned, deep and hot and true. In the best of my adult years, I've lived July with the whole of my being, extended myself with others until the distances between us disappeared. I've fallen in love in July. It is the month of my most treasured memories.

That is a lot to live up to. Halfway through this July I am struck by how detached it has been, I have been. I displaced myself and wander streets in a city that feels at once my ideal home and a distant stranger. Not trying hard to embrace it -- because my love for this place comes so easy -- I wonder at my empty heart, my lethargic legs. I go to bed early and assemble myself to walk through a series of daily tasks, again.

Costume National shirt from Crossroads in the Castro. Pants from Etsy.

Do you know these pants? They have no label inside, but are quite well made. Perfect single pleats at the hips and back of the knees.

Mesh top shoes (!) are vintage Nine West from Community Thrift in the Mission.


I have many new clothes. Bought here, in my new city, secondhand. They fit well, and are of wonderful quality. Some are designer labels. Some have no labels. Each new garment I have bought (and there are many) felt right. With these purchases I assure myself that I have a past, that some things are certain, that I will have a bright future.


十十f十 said...

gotta love that closing para. i've been lusting for the birks since i saw them here. what's the name of the model, please? i suppose i can buy them online? thanks!

Susie said...

i don't actually know the name of the model of these birks, as i picked them up at a vintage store back in Minneapolis. they have elastic straps and were already worn, so i don't see any helpful markings for searching. sorry i can't be more help!


Those vintage Nine West shoes are something else. Guess I need to set a new eBay Saved Search.

M said...

uuuh these shoes are adorable. Also your hair looks very nice in these pictures, thumbs up :)

rainy greetings from Switzerland

Corinna said...

Yes, those Nine West shoes are killer. I've owned my fair share of 1980s and 1990s Nine West. I'm curious to know the story behind what to me seems like a demise in quality over the years with that brand.

十十f十 said...

no worries, Susie! i didn't realise they're vintage, my bad. those nine wests are awesome. was too fixated on the birks earlier.

Amy T said...

those mesh shoes may be the best invention ever. omg.