July 4, 2011

Take this with a grain of salt**

I've been dreaming up a new summer look since early springtime, and I've finally started rolling it out as the temperatures rise. And yes, as in years past, I've named it. It's called MINIMAL HIPPIE.

Please, let me explain.

("like a moth to a flame, burned by the fire...")

Minimal Hippie is a natural progression. It incorporates much of what I already own. I finally have a number of quality items that I love and want to wear repeatedly, and I'm finding new combinations to work out this look. It's not a trend I sought out via new purchases, but what has started to coalesce in terms of my "personal style," (a phrase I'm pretty sure was invented by our capitalist overlords to keep us spending our way to fulfillment).

On the progression of Minimal Hippie...
Me, a hippie? Could it be? Did it start with this hair? I have been consciously working toward 70s Yoko hair, which I google regularly and in a few more blunt cuts should achieve. Did this start in middle school when I bought that paisley maxi skirt, hemp necklace, leather sandals, and incense, which lasted for like one season? Did it begin last summer when I bought Birkenstocks? Perhaps its origins lies in all of these urges, and more, like my secret love for the earthy scents wafting through overpriced co-op grocery stores.

Wanting to be "minimalist"/failing: By my 20s, having disavowed all of the things listed above, I embrace the grayscale, tight black pants, and played up my also longstanding love of 80s and 90s minimalist designers. But I could never really pull off the chic, polished, controlled looks. I repressed my hippie urges, but I think they were always there, foiling my attempts at cool.

Of course I think the former is way more embarrassing than the latter. I've also assumed the two mutually exclusive. But they are not! They are the perfect marriage... of things I want to wear. I like minimalism for reasons that betray it's "pure" meanings. I like plain, solid blocks of color and dislike most jewelry. But I also like things that billow in the wind, sandals, and an excuse to have unkempt hair.

("...my love is blind, can't you see my desire?")

Mostly, though, I just like the juxtaposition of these two loaded terms. They are both so silly! Everything I just explained above is my weird thought process, but the outfits I will share with you in the coming days could be described in so many different ways that have nothing to do with these dumb words. Or I could just not describe things at all and just be. That would be much more cool and mysterious.

But this would not be a blog it I weren't a chronic over-explainer and over-sharer.

Pleats, Thank You


keels said...

You remind me of Dries SS2000, in the best way possible. I am so happy to have stumbled upon your lovely blog.


Susie said...

keels, that Dries collection is amazing, so thank you for bringing it to my attention! I had never seen it before but looked it up after your comment. Totally just deepened my love and appreciation for DVN.

Clara said...

I am in mad love with your skirt. Of course it had to be cdg. Thanks for finding a term which suitable describes everything I love and everything I want to wear.