July 11, 2011

Still Neutral

Another Saturday look, this time for a day spent walking around in the Castro. Nothing beats these pants, they fucking rule. They are like my superhero cape because I feel unstoppable in them. Also, billowy-ness. Nevermind.
Pants by Shirin Guild. Ya'll long time readers know about my love for her, professed here, and here. (And if you followed that first back link, woah! olden times!)

More recently, I came across this post, "History and the Harem Pant," on the Threadbared blog that made me pause and consider a bit more deeply my pant nomenclature.

An excerpt:
"While I enjoy the intellectual and artistic transformation of the shape of the body through clothing (see Issey Miyake’s Pleats, Please!), I also find it useful to be skeptical of the ways that geopolitical rubrics of race, nation, gender and sexuality are mapped through such transformations (think bullshit Orientalisms perpetrated by hostile fashion journalists about the so-called “Hiroshima bag lady” of 1980s Japanese designers). The most obvious yet often unasked question –why the term harem to qualify this pant?– requires a history lesson."
Consider me now historically schooled.

This jacket is another super worn, comfy piece I'm very pleased to have brought into my life a few years ago. Against my better judgement, I wear it all the time with almost anything.

Super soft, worn out vintage tee... This is starting to sound like I'm describing my outfit for a pajama party.

Tactile enjoyment of textile textures.

So lank. Shoulda been a sk8er boi.


And it was on this day in history that yours truly felt like she understood herself, her body, her desired look, her desires in general, not as an individual, whole, fully-formed entity but as a woman in a continual process of, well, fuck it, I'll just say it: becoming.

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This is maybe my favorite. The best outfits are the ones you can go straight to bed in. The last photo is a girl I'd definitely want to be friends with.