July 29, 2011

Black and White, Again

This is a look that is harder for me to deal with visually than it is to wear physically. The sensory wearing of these two pieces of clothing feels right. The skirt is a heavy cotton, akin to a good oxford shirt material, and is lined with another, thinner, cotton piece underneath. The top/dress is a rayon-polyester blend, which I would usually shun, only its tag tells me it was made in Paris, France. I'm pretty sure those cancel each other out in the arithmetic of consumption, leaving a remainder that is a basic, long, black, full button-up, long sleeve dress that can also be worn as a shirt. Just think of all the button options.

To give you an idea of the feeling of this outfit, it provides me the sense that I'm a lithe 80s pseudo-bohemian goth on the top, and a hippie peasant pining for the garb of the Victorian era on the bottom. (This is just an example.)

Truthfully, though, pining for the past isn't that appealing to me. I just never tire of the boldest of contrasts, black and white. And I like this silhouette and the play of geometry depending on how many buttons are buttoned, and whether I put one or two hands in the skirt's pockets. Despite my languid, un-made-up face, this is me having fun with clothes. Really.

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agnes szucs said...

you look like some very stylish girl decked out in Yohji Yamamoto.