June 17, 2011


Upon a quick morning perusal o' the Resort 2012, I mostly felt like I should be doing other things on this gorgeous day in a new place. Anyhow, I found some outfits that would be perfect for me to wear to my new life.

Stella McCartney

and Calvin Klein

In a perfect world I would just walk around looking like this most of the time. I've grown into regular wearing of blazers and jackets in the last few years and have a couple that are pret-ty, pret-ty, pretty good. What I do not have: the perfect pair of slim trousers. The hunt begins. 


chuck n. said...

i find there's something incredibly sexy (weird, i know) about a woman wearing a blazer! i love how such a classically masculine piece can subtly be rendered feminine with such grace!

private detective Toronto said...

simply and with charm