June 24, 2011

Adjusting My Attitude

After moving for literally a month, I am just now starting to slow down and take in all the changes. We now have a new place, a new bed, and a new table. And that is all in terms of furniture at this point. Still working on some chairs to go around said table.

It has been beautiful and perfect in San Francisco every single day. I feel at home in this city already. It's nice to make a positive life change. I confess, I have not fully appreciated all this beauty around me because moving for an entire month makes me cranky, apparently. That all changes starting now. Now that I do not have to do any further heavy lifting or dragging of luggage up and down hills.

But I need to stop treating this space like a diary! You dear readers probably do not care much for my boring moving saga. Let's talk about what to wear in a new city, shall we?

The most amazing thing about San Francisco is you can dress like it's any season, any time. Today, I saw a dude in a puffer/parka with a fur-lined hood, apparently just for the sake of the look. I had forgotten about this strange, silly facet of California living. I was also happy to wear an outfit I never could have imagined in places like Minneapolis or San Diego: a long sleeve button-up shirt, a sweater, and super lightweight bermuda shorts. This would just mean death by overheating in previous locations. Not here in magical Northern California, though. It's 65 and sunny, which means anything from a North Face coat to a crop top and cut-offs is A-OK.

I was pretty into my look. It was intended to reflect my appreciation of recent Proenza without being too literal. Michael said it looked 80s so-cal, so I guess mission accomplished? In any case, Birkenstocks and printed bermuda shorts happened and I felt just fine.

The shorts are vintage Marimekko that I found for $5 at a St. Paul thrift store before leaving the midwest. Oh how I miss those deals already...

Another very important thing that happened is that I bought new sunglasses here in San Francisco. How could I forget that good sunglasses are an absolute necessity on the coast? A necessary accessory, if you will. (Sorry.) 

I found these vintage Ray-Bans at my new neighborhood vintage store, Ver Unica.

I like that these are not the standard Wayfarer, which doesn't look so great on me. These frames have an almost-cat eye effect and are more contoured. The frame is called the "Laramie," and they are in amazing condition and fit perfectly. I have found that so many of my sunglasses end up hurting my ears or falling off my face. Ray-Ban knows what's up with making sunglasses that work, so I'm happy to finally own a pair.

B&L = Bausch & Lomb, makers of Ray-Ban in US until the late 90s

With these new sunglasses and my breezy mom shorts, I feel I am on my way to returning to the ways of California living. The peculiarities of dressing for SF are still revealing themselves to me, and I have a bit of wardrobe adjusting to do. It should all be pretty exciting. I'll keep you posted.


十十f十 said...

this blog's about you, of course you can treat it as a diary ;)

i really like your style. love the shoes and shades. i have a pair of high-waisted shorts, quite similar but you don't look momsy in them whereas i do. my fave shades are a pair by B&L. i like these on you, actually. they're straight-top, kinda like madonna in desperately seeking susan. i got a pair of mondi for the same effect but i can't wear them well because i need nose pads.

Ruby Girl said...

Great shades and tribal print shorts. So perfect! ((PS-I'm blogging out of Minneapolis too, sad to see you go to CA, but hope you have a blast!!)) <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

Isabel said...

Amazing outfit!! I can totally see the Proenza vibes, just in more neutral shades.

those tricks said...

Oh man!
Vintage Marimekko shorts!
Great thrift find!!

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

congrats on the move. the shorts are AMAZING.


80s SoCal is a good look. Especially when it comes out like this. I completely back the baggy shorts this summer. Pretty much all I wear these days. And I've actually been contemplating Birkenstocks as well.

Vintage Marimmeko for $5?? *sigh*