May 17, 2011

Upgrade U

Springtime has become my favorite time for wardrobe updating (and also for blogging). After winter, I see clearly what is working as a long term staple and what needs to be upgraded, thrown out, or replaced. (Also, my apartment gets enough light for decent photos.)

I recently did some upgrading on my shoe lineup. While these aren't really "spring" shoes necessarily, the situation with these oxfords was getting out of hand.


I've had these for only about a year. I bought them used on etsy, so I didn't have the clearest sense of the quality of the materials or their overall condition. I wore them regularly for the past year letting them get pretty beat up, and now there is this.

On my wardrobe "to-do" list, which includes things like repairing that gold watch so that it actually keeps time, was to either have these resoled or to replace them. I was on the fence about resoling because they are not that nice of a shoe to begin with.


The solution was immediately clear to me when I came across these Calvin Klien Collection (that's right, the collection - not jeans, nor cK) slip-ons on the Outnet for 75% off, with only one left, in my size. I trust in serendipity to guide me way too often in life.

When the box came I immediately went into regret-for-spending-any-money-at-all-while-mostly-broke-guilt mode. I decided to wear them out, eliminating the ability to return. That morning I was complemented on them by a sweet young woman. And while I don't live for approval from the general public, sweet compliments always help assuage buyers guilt.

I think I made a good decision.


十十f十 said...

a worthy investment, if you ask me. i like the shape. i'd get them in black if i could afford two pairs.

Susie said...


one thing i didn't mention in the post is that i first saw this style in a magazine and it was a white canvas with a black leather cap toe. so amazing... i was in love. but those were far more expensive, and these were literally the one and only pair on the outnet. i dream of the day when i can buy two pairs of new shoes in one go.