May 18, 2011

Upgrade U, Part 2

Adding to yesterday's post about updating the shoes, I also got these new (used, via etsy) beauties. A flat summer sandal is pretty much an essential. I love the white straps so much. Not a gladiator, not really delicate or femme, and just maybe, sorta Ann D, no? In any case, they are ready for heavy use.

Before buying these a couple weeks ago I owned only one pair of truly flat, basic, practical leather summer sandals. This is a shoe genre that I know I will always need. Those plastic jellies, wedges, platforms (no matter how flat or thin), and especially heeled sandals will never compare to their usefulness and versatility.

These have been the most perfect, go-to, for long hot days, going swimming, going to the park, BBQ, walking everywhere, getting wet, muddy, dirty, gravel in my toes, summer shoes. I have had them since HIGH SCHOOL. And have worn them until the straps stretched out and things like this are happening, again. 

Three years ago, I salvaged them by having the soles glued back on at a shoe repair shop. Now I believe they are reaching their end, since the straps are stretched and water damaged and are starting to constantly slip off my foot when I walk. I mean, they are looking pretty busted at this point.

It's all good because i bought them for fifty cents at my first ever "job" -- court-ordered community service at a church-run thrift store because I was bad. I believe that was... *doing the math*... 9-10 years ago now?? Mental HOLY SHIT moment just commenced. 

Here is a picture of how I dressed IRL yesterday with the new shoes!
w/ Fifth Ave Shoe Repair dress, ClareVivier bag, vintage belt.


Miriam said...

LOVE this look. So much that I felt compelled to comment. Which is unlike me as I am usually more of a blog lurker than comment participant especially for outfit posts. But mad props where mad props are due.

The Animal Orchestra said...

Those white strapped sandals are PERFECT. So utilitarian, so minimalist. If I weren't going into winter, I would be tempted to track down a pair myself!