May 25, 2011

Greener on the Other Side

During winter I bought my first piece of Issey Miyake, this forest green velvet skirt with turquoise backing and lots of wrinkly details:

During winter I also spent a lot of time staring at this plant in my kitchen, thinking about wearing the combination of dark bluish green with yellow-green.

I've had this Zero Maria Cornejo tank top for a while, yet had not figured out how to wear it. Inspired by my succulent I dreamed of this outfit:

Speaking of succulents, we are moving to the other side, where they really are always greener. I'll miss going out to Tin Fish on Lake Calhoun in the spring, and seeing these vibrant budding leaves on the big trees. But this green is far too temporary for me. In less cryptic terms, we are moving back to California, this time to San Francisco. And here is another outfit with this skirt, taken before eating delicious foods.

I call this silhouette the "reverse hourglass," and I'm A-OK with it.


Boxy ribbed cashmere tank top, goes with everything.

Ideal long skirt hem length for my lifestyle + soft, cozy, old loafers


The Animal Orchestra said...

Oh, amazing! I love San Francisco. I could move there in an instant.

I also like when it's summer in your part of the world, as I get to eyeball your tattoos.

Sophie said...

all the best for your move.
love the combo of yellow/green.
your blog has made me think much more again about silhouettes. i bought this awesome tartan cotton 80s skirt with fitted waist and lots of pleats. its so much fun to wear and swishes as i walk. just love it.

coco said...

cashmere tank top is so cute.
Good luck with your moving, SanFrancisco is such a beautiful place.

Anonymous said...

Where is that grey top from?

those tricks said...

Congrats on the move.
I'm a fan of relocation.

Susie said...

thanks for all the well-wishing everyone!

and anonymous: the gray top is vintage from a consignment shop.