May 19, 2011

For Keeps

Just a quick post to share a few things:
1) These are my first pair of colorful denim, a recent purchase from the Gap. 
2) This outfit has been a standard for me this spring. // This is how I dressed to do semi-professional life tasks at the University or to attend various meetings.
3) My ClareVivier bag (a gift, detailed here) is aging beautifully and remains the perfect size/shape/strap configuration for most of my days. I've used it regularly for a little over a year now.

I also have to thank Michael for this shirt. It is such an ideal fabric and I wear it constantly. 

Right now is a time of Major Life Changes, which is also a time for reflection. Without getting too personal, I can say that in this outfit I see things coming together. I had very few possessions 3 years ago - some of you will recall that everything we owned came with us to MN via a tiny Volkswagen hatchback. These things that I chose to bring into my life in Minnesota will remain and age with me, and will work nicely with the new. I have things that will ease the transition into a new phase, but certainly do not have all the necessities for the unknowns yet to come. My confidence and assured sense that all will remain OK has a lot to do with the strong foundations I've established for myself in the past 3 years, when I went from just barely having the essentials, to knowing the nature of the space I want to carve out for myself in this difficult physical, material, living world.

I appreciate all of you -- commenters and non-vocal viewers -- who read along and appreciate hearing about my process of living. Well, at least the tiny lil parts I share through talking about clothes.

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here is a fantasy said...

I like the high roll of the sleeves for spring.