April 15, 2011

Weird Shit I Own: Stretch Nylon Sherbert Space Dye Double Zip Cardi

Here's a lil secondhand number I saw on the rack and just couldn't pass up. It's my stretchy double zip sherbert colored space dye cardigan, and it's actually a rayon/nylon blend. Cool! Right?

When some people talk about an "impulse buy" they are referring to a luxurious and chic item bought on a whim. For me, it's something like this. Something that I think is post-trend, even as I tell myself it's Balenciaga-esque. 

At the time of purchase, it was deep into winter. Everything was gray and dead. Ice was everywhere. Blistering cold winds and snow were a constant. I went shopping alone. These colors seemed so bright, so happy. I reached out and touched the stretchy and smooth fabric. Holding it in my hand I thought, this is it, this is my direction. Was I delirious or genius? I still can't tell. What I am telling you is that I now own this, and I'm not (entirely) ashamed of that fact. 

You heard about these sandals before. 

I haven't worn it out yet, but maybe I will... If only I could just layer it right! Jk. Honestly, I like this simple lil outfit! It is so wrong. I can't think of any reason it's valid. But I like it. I like wearing this sporty spice fabric. It feels like a lightweight wetsuit or something. I'm a sucker for the colors and the techno knit. Something about the dark seams works? I also find the double zip hilarious and awesome.

...in case you need to open it from the bottom...

These are drop crotch pants I was forced to hem this short because the calf part was impossibly tight (probably why they were on the $5 rack at H&M...). I tried them on. They fit at the store. But when you sit, your pant should be able to ascend the leg without ripping. Now they are drop crotch capris, which is almost as sexy as the top.

The only thing I can think of that I don't like about this sweater is the way the zipper folds into fat ripples when I sit. Oh, and that society will shun me for wearing it.

(I'll be back ASAP to try to salvage what little credibility I maybe once held in this illusionistic space.)


lis said...

This is exactly why your blog rocks!

Susie said...

thanks lis! this post gave me anxiety.

Stephanie said...

Late 2 the party on this one but I think I once owned something similar in neon green. Made me look like an amateur scuba diver. Yes, it was an exceptional garment the likes of which I may never meet again.

brittansalisbury said...

Hmm... honestly, I kind of love the sweater too. I think I would have done the same thing you did: bought it and then had feelings of "This is so bad... its good" a bit later.

I say keep trying it? maybe it IS your new direction?

xo, Brittan