April 7, 2011

Spring At Last

I admit that I remain annoyingly bad at photography and also my feet look like fetuses. But fo real, if you can't get behind me on these shoes, well, I guess I don't really care at all because I LOVE THEM. We can totally still be friends, even if you give them a funny look. They're just shoes, they won't even know.

THE HEELS: so blocky!

THE STRAPS: are velcro!

THE SOLE: rubbery with a sliver of platform.

THE TOE: boxy n' angular.

Now I'll stop yelling at you about things you can also see for yourself.

The straps are, surprisingly, real leather. Just that 90's plastic looking kind that isn't quite patent (imo) but reflects light nonetheless.

 Vintage 9 West comes through for me again. This is my new summer footwear that you can expect to see paired with all future outfits.



discotheque confusion said...

suhh behind you on these. beautifully blocky and now that summer is not too far in the distance a little toe breeze will be a nice novelty! mm toe breeze.

Michael said...
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Allison said...

Ooooh, I like these!

Ally said...

Loveeee. My first ever heels were a bit like this and I loved them to bits. Velcro straps are always fun

Miss Woo said...

haha, so many fashion sins but oh SO RIGHT. They look like Prada shoes from the 90s, which is of course amazing.

Claudette said...

These are insane, like super awesome!! I like how you conveyed your affection towards the shoes in the photos. I imagine that the first day, you wore them around the house, constantly looked down (perhaps smiling) and occasionally clicking the tips together.

ps. thanks for your comment! :) I have reinstated the comments but they won't show. The minimalist in me stripped the blog bare naked and now it refuses to go back to the normal format. Ha. I am working on it.