April 16, 2011

Redemption Coat

Following on the heels of yesterday's shamepost, I bring you this item of clothing that I am truly excited about owning.
All 4 of those cuff buttons are functional. It's slightly longer in the back, but is all around dress length.

It's from Club Monaco (where I discovered student ID gets you 20% off everything). I felt it was an item I should acquire for several very good reasons that I'll spare you. This was a shopping moment unlike the one described in yesterday's post. Most of the time, it is my hope that now, at age 26, I'm developing enough sense to know that I will wear something like this coat for years because it suits my adult body and my ideas about dressing it. (Other times, I don't rely on logic.)

A perfect day for going headless.

Even though I'm pretty into the idea of it ever becoming summer again, a few more weeks of chilly gray weather don't bother me so much since I can wear this coat a little bit before fall.

I also found a new way to tie up this Fifth Ave. Shoe Repair dress to make it into a shirt.

It's weirdly exhilarating  to buy yourself a nice new thing. Especially when you are completing major life tasks and need a reward. I don't endorse the concept of "retail therapy." I do, however, believe in self-present-giving. The difference is that in the former, one spends hundreds at Urban Outiftters in a depressive attempt at self-satisfaction. In the latter, one selects a singular special thing and imagines that it's a gift or reward for exhausting your talents in a way that is not in itself rewarding enough... A difference that is not black and white, but shades of neurotic gray.


G said...

What a lovely coat! It totally reminds me of a more structured version of that Isabel Marant coat that the blogosphere has been salivating over.

And Club Monaco, 20% of for students??? How did I not know that?

Sarah said...

I can see why you are a proud owner of this coat. It is perfect! Exactly what i was looking for this winter and never found xxx

The Animal Orchestra said...

Your use of proportion is OUT OF CONTROL.

Claudette said...

I own the same coat. :) I wear it with the pocket flaps tucked in; I feel they're a bit distracting. But I love the coat. The way it fits nicely in the shoulders and then flares away from my body (hides the unflattering parts, hehe)

btw, I have come across some great bloggers through your commenters. It is a true testament to how awesome your blog is.

Fleurette said...

Wow, the coat is absolutely divine! You're so lucky as you have access to Club Monaco.

Rosalie said...


Iulia Romana said...

I simply adore its cut and I love the asimetry you created by adding that tee ♥

Susie said...

thank you everyone for the nice comments on this post!

...except for you, rosalie.

The Animal Orchestra said...

Best reaction to a spammy comment ever.