March 15, 2011

Daily Views


w/ mink jawbone, basis for engagement necklace 

pine cones collected on a winter walk, sand from a friend's Twilight research trip to Forks, WA

lamp/necklace holder

tea, coffee, and chili peppers


clothes in an ikea bookshelf

there are two of us

I didn't kill this one!

I hate to admit that this white bulk is still there. But disappearing fast.


This little internet space started out as a chronicle of us trying to figure out how to aesthetically care for both ourselves and a new home. Its no mystery that it's a small home. Our very first place together in CA was even smaller, a studio comprised of a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. We are happy in small spaces, not taking up more resources than we need. A big home would stress me out because when I clean, I get meticulous.

Moving into this one bedroom apartment, I tried to decorate it like I thought a normal person would. I even shared it online (eek). We got tired of that arrangement. I desperately needed a separate work space. My office was behind that couch, we barely used the bedroom which remained drab, and everything just felt wrong. It was the worst during the winter.

So last summer I instigated "The Big Switch." (You can see the results here, and in, um, all indoor shots since last summer.) We sold most of that earlier stuff on craigslist and turned the living room into a big bedroom and the bedroom into a big office. So we're back to no living room, but all my work bullshit is contained. I also shared that, ugh. I now dream of a two-bedroom. One room for an office, one for sleeping, and one for having company gather. Pretty basic. 

Since we got rid of unnecessary furniture the space is more relaxing and open. It's these little views that make me happy. I stare at these things every day without feeling tired of them. I'm home constantly, and this was the least painful winter of them all because I enjoyed my space. It's not perfect, but I'm figuring this shit out as I go.


Izzy said...

i like the new layout! and I love this little look into your lives.

M said...

very inspiring, thank you.