March 13, 2011

Sitting on the dock of the bay

Until I can head for the 'Frisco bay, I'll mostly just be wasting time. In this case the "dock" is at the bottom of my mac screen. The "bay"... I don't know, igoogle? If you, too, need to waste this time in your life away, why not take my suggestions on how? I'm becoming an expert.

Whatever, I've always wanted to make one of these link-filed posts. It's the weekend.

1. THE 90s YOU GUYS. Are we sure this was the most glorious of times? Durga Chew-Bose with the ultimate YM/Seventeen cover compilations.

2. Two beautiful videos from two beautiful women. Each breaks my heart every time. And Lykke's shirt rules. It reminds me of that Stella McCartney jacket.

3. Deep thoughts with another dear blogger! Stephanie from One Sleepless Night continues to ask interesting and important questions about the connections between cross-dressing, camp, androgyny, and the fashion world. This time, via Paris is Burning. Her blog is recommended reading in general.

4. Not only did I manage to find a blog called "the hauntological society," but it has a post about the Museum of Witchcraft. I would love to visit this place. The ideological differences between these two videos is pretty major. The first, newer, one is much more compelling. The the second one is so old fashioned but has some great imagery.

Sometimes the events in the world are unbearable in their heaviness. The internet allows deep voyeurism into a broader range of visual stimuli than I ever imagined in my pre-AOL youth. I really need an internet vacation, but won't get one for a few more months. So this morning, I'm aiming for neutrality.

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Ann said...

That Carmen Electra YM cover was my first teen ladymag ever. And I was changed ever after.