March 29, 2011


Revisiting an old favorite color, purple, today...

The Tsumori Chisato tights (more photos of/deets on them here) are actually more of a slate/gray, but combined with human legs, this lavender tunic, and my new purplish/mauve lip gloss to me they take on a purple hue.

Details: I found this Alexander Wang sweater at a consignment store for $50. I bought it because it was my birthday and that's what u do.

Today had to be the first day of spring here, right? I mean, I still had to walk on ICE a couple times, but spring can't tease me again like last week... when it was 50 degrees, all the snow melted, and then a full on blizzard happened again. My heart can't take any more. I insist that it steady get warmer from today on.

Also, clean it up, Minnesota. This is just unacceptable:


One more thing b4 u go! You wanted to hear more about my new lipgloss, right? That makes 2 tubes of non-Burt's Bees lip products I own. The other being the coral Sephora lipstick my homegirl Carissa helped me learn how to buy. Well, last week I used all her advice on my own! Went to Sephora, rubbed various sticks of shit on my hands, carried the best samples to the mirror and top-pumping alcohol bottles, wiped em off, and applied. 5 tries and I left with this.

My lips are naturally kind of purple and brownish and I wanted to accentuate that with a mauve/purple shade. I don't know how you feel about it but IMO I can wear just this and no other makeup, and it's all good. I have nothing on my face in these photos but the gloss, because I heard, that girls, in college, they wear less makeup on their faces.


Stephanie said...

Susie! I love those tights, I love the belly-sweater and tunic combo, and I love that lip-stuff. All of which is to say, let's d8 already.

Carissa said...

That sweater is amazing. Much like yourself. Come live here again so we can go to Sephora in the middle of the day together.

ann said...

The lip color is totally working for you.

Susie said...

-stephanie, i am pretty sure if we are ever in the same place at the same time we would have to start dating. my husband will understand.

-carissa, i must return to you soon.

-ann, thanks for the vote of confidence! i'm pretty into. also, it vaguely smells of grapes which is so 8th grade i love it.

Syed said...

Looove the print of those tights :)