March 18, 2011


This is an important astrological PSA. Tomorrow, the moon will be at its closest point to the earth, AND, it will be a full moon. This means tomorrows night will be insanely beautiful with an extra big, bright moon. Pause and look up around the beginning of nightfall and behold.

And now, a literal clothing connection. I first noticed this collection on geometricsleep, and then was reminded of it today on Style Bubble.

Jeremy Laing is a self-taught designer based in Toronto who sharpened his skills as an apprentice to Alexander McQueen. I'm intrigued by his work. I would love to save enough money to have either the last dress, above, or the black jacket/tunic above that. Each piece is immensely wearable and strange. This grunge hair and makeup might be getting a little overplayed, and other looks from Laing's collection too closely aligned with specific Alexander Wang or Acne looks. But so goes any trend.

The geometry of the cuts -- circles and varying angles that recall grade school work with the protractor -- combines perfectly with the draping in each of these looks. The long moon print gown is stunning. Ditto the circle-cut knit dress. Styling and a few nods to current trends aside, Laing's garments transcend trendiness because of their singularity, anonymity, and wearability. Now, which piece shall I attempt to save for and hunt down in the next season? (Dreaming.)


Michael said...

I would love to see you in any of this.

Helll, at this point I'd just love to see you.

Stephanie said...

So much hometown pride for Jeremy! I like all of your picks here, though I wouldn't mind wearing this black velvet number either. Ahh, wishin' on a supermoon...

Anna Galkina said...

Your blog is utterly fantastic, so intelligent. It gives me a lot of faith that it doesn't mean you're stupid just because you like clothes! Thank you!

Susie said...

Anna, thank you very much for this kind comment! Makes me happy to hear people appreciate it.

chuck n. said...

jeremy laing is definitely reppin' it for canada. he truly is a talented designer.

however, some of the moon prints look like dirty soap bubbles (eww?)

he's still awesome though