March 15, 2011

Late Winter Casual(ty?)

I like that the British say "jumper" rather than "sweater." I learned this difference from blogging. I wish we said jumper, instead of a word with the root "sweat."

I wish the color was on my body, not on the wall. I'm working on it. This jumper was on heavy rotation this winter (can I say jumper?). As much as I'm dying to feel the sun on my skin, it's also a little terrifying to think about giving up its precious comforts.

Nothing says style like doubling up on long, slumpy garments that make one look bigger. Well, this top and skirt are 100% SILK, for what it's worth.

Robert Clergerie boots = one of my best acquisitions from back in '09 when I knew nothing about the brand. Worn constantly during winter whenever the furry Docs were not necessary., in my men's peacoat (actually Mike's main winter coat that I got to borrow) and unshapely knit, I could eat a feast of food and not worry at all, just go straight home and nap. Which is exactly what we did right after these photos. It was an intense food coma in which we didn't speak the entire way home.

But really, I want to pack away this jumper, see all this fucking snow disappear, and eat salad and fruit every day while sweating not because of wool but because of heat and humidity. Snow, your time has come. Please go away.


Anonymous said...

I want to wear that wall!

- J Nut

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

I too am fond of "jumper." And trousers instead of just pants.

The key to silky hair is photoshop ;)

Sophie said...

i love the mix of fibres - silk and wool. i currently dream of cooler weather (i'm in Perth, Australia) and mixing light woollen knits with long flowing silk skirts.

i agree that the word jumper is much more pleasing than sweater. use it with abandon!

thanks for your musings on style. it has got me thinking about my own wardrobe and what i stick in it

miss sophie said...

it took me a while to figure out what my non-US commenters were referring to with 'jumper'. ha! i agree that 'sweater' is such an unattractive word. winter is winding down here and i'm looking forward to wearing my trench!