March 2, 2011

Designing Woman

So far this year I remain not a girl, and not yet a woman. But I'm starting to embrace the possibilities that come along with more grown-up performances. Well, the outfit possibilities at least. Two weeks ago I attended my first professional conference in Atlanta. This is a recreation of how I looked when I presented my first academic paper.

(Hi! Did you miss my face?)
The blazer is secondhand, made by Banana Republic. This Max Studio blouse (see details here) is one of the few things I bought in my early 20s that has become more integral to my wardrobe as I've gotten older. BDG high waisted black denim and Via Spiga oxfords.

It was so gorgeous in Atlanta. The day I wore this outfit I did not need any additional outerwear, because it was 72 degrees. I was so into my life that I asked a stranger on a whim where to go to see more of the city. (I was stuck in a typical hotel/university downtown setting.) His advice led me to an area filled with things like used book stores, natural food stores, hordes of people I felt much older than in my blazer (the youth of today), and lots of vintage/secondhand shops. I'm that easy to read, apparently. 

But as soon as I was deep into the overfilled racks at a large crowded resale store, with a long ass line trailing past the entrance, I was in my element. I realize that it's a bit douchey to do exactly what you like to do at home wherever you go. But you know what? Fuck that. I am perfectly content in my ways. The racks at the general, large resale clothing store in any city will tell me just about everything I need to know about a new place in under an hour. And they will provide me the greatest of souvenirs, like THIS:

(The blazer is also black, it's just a strange neoprene-like material so it has a sheen that makes it look a little different here than in person.)

This is a piece of the city's history that's relevant to me: a vintage Liz Claiborne sheer button-up with two front pockets and an allover flower print. It's my discount Miu Miu. And it worked perfectly with what I already had on.

 This shirt is gonna be so versatile. 


Anonymous said...

I did miss your face!

Little Five Points? Nice score.



DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

Really like that shirt. I love when you buy something and it can go straight into what you're wearing.

And thanks so much for your comment. I actually really appreciate the occasional commenter that leaves me a really nice comment like that than the everyday ones like "cool!"

It's bizarre to be in a class of high blogging standards but hey I'll take it! All it is is smoke and mirrors though ;) ah the beauty of Photoshop!

Susie said...

Jnut, little five point indeed!