January 2, 2011


We had what I'll call an "understated" holiday season this year. But tomorrow morning that will all change, as we get the fuck up outta Minnesota.
No more snow mounds taller than me. 
No more walking on ice sheets.
No more negative temperatures.
No more not going outdoors at all for entire days, simultaneously (weird!).
And hello San Francisco, California!


Here is what we won't be missing.

Although it does look kind of idyllic in photos, this environment is my white oppressor.

But we try to have fun with it. Like this one time last week when Mike wore a vintage Pendleton tweed coat with a fur collar, paired with sweatpants (Christmas gift from me, ha!) and rubber boots to walk with me to check in on a friend's cats.

Or this other time when I dressed up as a winter hobo (polka dot tights!).

One of the most comforting outfits of my winter.

The  amount of snow dumped upon us this season is frightening.

But these Dr. Marten's boots have been coming through for me in a big way.

So there's that.

But we are going to forget about it all for five wonderful days, and I'm planning to go bare-ankle as much as possible. While Mike grew up in northern California, I've never spent much time there. I would love any suggestions of places to go and things to do in the bay area. 

Happy New Year!


Davanie said...

I've got a list since I don't know what you like to do. Drink sangria and eat plaintains at ChaChaCha in San Fran. There's an alley all painted up in lovely graffiti on 17th between Mission and Valencia called Clarion Alley. Go to the Academy of Science or the Japanese Tea garden in Golden Gate park then walk to the ocean. If you want to see somethings outside of the city check out Benziger winery in Sonoma. Sit in the backyard of Julie's Tea in Alameda. Check out the Albatross in Berkeley or Joaquin Miller in Oakland.
You picked a great time to escape - we're not supposed to break 20 degrees for awhile. Ugh.

chuck n. said...

have fun in san francisco! here too everywhere in covered in snow! it's pretty picturesque though!

wow, i love mike's outfit! uber-classy and yet super functional! he actually makes the sweatpants work with the coat!

Susie said...

Davanie, thank you for the list! I can't believe we didn't get to do any of the things you mentioned, but we'll will definitely be going back to SF. I really wanted to go to the Academy of Sciences. We walked right by but didn't have time to go in. Next time, for sure. The Japanese tea garden sounds lovely.

Micah Ludeke said...

I can't get over the photo of Mike in front of your building. So perfect!