January 13, 2011

Unsnowy Moments

Our trip to the bay area was far too brief, but filled with goodness. Mostly, we indulged in the loving company of very good friends and a lot of food. We also bought a couple garment-y things. I didn't photo essay the whole trip, but there were some lovely moments in the sun and a notable shopping experience I thought I'd share.

There are hardly any photos of me from this trip, but it's fine because basically I wore this coat the entire time. The always beautiful Gerald makes another appearance! Looking at this picture makes me realize how much I love growing older.

Speaking of getting old, a week before leaving I found these hardly worn Tod's suede loafers secondhand for $17. I got to break them in, here at Golden Gate park.
That park was incredibly beautiful. I was freaking out the whole trip about seeing so much plant life again. I made Mike sit here because the light looked like Fern Gully.
Later, I tried on these United Nude heels and figured I should buy them because it's vacation, they were on a serious markdown, they are surprisingly easy to walk in, and why not? Spring will eventually happen again, I'm almost sure.

Speaking of the new year in dressing, spring, summer, being older in 2011, personal style, and all that business... Something occurred to me on this trip. I am bored of my style. Very, very bored. There is so much plainness and I don't get to wear my "show pieces" as I call them, like, ever. Winter is tough.

But Mike and I had one of those magical shop experiences that restores hope. We went to Modern Appealing Clothing, and fell in love with the entire store and the amazing owners. I got to fondle the fall Dries collection, the dreamiest Jil Sander bag, Walter Van Bierendonck sweaters, and some real good Margiela. And when we left, our purchases were placed inside this rad canvas tote by an artist, Tara Tucker. It's a "bored boar."

Mike found a slim cut Woolrich jacket that fits nearly perfect off the rack, and an awesome cotton scarf by Engineered Garments with a vintage paisley print.
I can't wait to borrow the scarf.
On a side note, I love the texture of his shoes.

Back at Modern Appealing Clothing (I'm not sure, are you supposed to call it by the full name, or pronounce the acronym by letter, or say the word "mac"?) I had a moment that has stayed with me. I was drawn to these tights by Tsumori Chisato.

This pair is really thick and warm sweater material, which makes sense for my winter situation.

This pair is just really special.

And a touch subversive in their cuteness.

Holding both in my hands, I realized that I want more prints in my life. I know that's right on trend for spring, but it's something I've been thinking about and working toward for some time now. (It's not like prints are really new or anything.) But prints, like colors, are so much harder. At this point I think that I had to go "minimal" (black) in my early-mid-twenties as a master cleanse for my outsides. There was just so much bad junk clogging up my appearance. It became really easy to drape myself in black white and gray, but I need a new challenge. It's true that I've never totally abandoned prints. I have polka dots, plaids, an elephants in a jungle skirt, tie dyes, laces... But I don't feel as at ease styling them, and I don't rotate them into the everyday wear quite as much.

I ended up explaining my ongoing love of prints and weirdness (as opposed to my other love of chic minimalism) to one of the (presumed) owners of MAC, who told me that my personal style is probably somewhere in between the two. He is totally right. I think I just have to figure out the most comfortable balance so I don't feel like I'm playing dress up as either a chic minimalist power woman or a quirky art girl, because I'm not really either of those things.


Lorena said...

Finding balance is tough, it's hard not to feel torn between different aesthetics! I'm still trying to figure out my style too; it definitely involves a lot of color and print - I want to have fun but I don't want to look immature. I don't want to look like I'm still trying to pass as a teenager.

My first reaction to the shoes was "yikes those look hard to walk in!", good to hear they're easy. After owning so many pairs of shoes that look nice but feel terrible, I now feel like comfort is a necessity because I never ever wear my uncomfortable shoes. I can handle discomfort to a certain extent with clothing but for my feet, NO WAY. I want to be able to walk around for hours without resulting blisters and a limp.

I love the tights, Tsumori Chisato makes a lot of cute stuff! You bought them both? If you did, I'm looking forward to seeing how you wear them!

M said...

I think one of the reasons I rarely wear prints is because I find them very hard to combine. And at seven o'clock in the morning my brain is still too sleepy to combine any other colour than black, grey or blue.

By the way your United Nude Heels (they're amazing) remind me of Konstantin Grcic's One Chair: http://tinyurl.com/48ku8su

those tricks said...

Wow - those heels are so unique and interesting. I'd have grabbed them, too!