January 22, 2011

Presently Feeling

I've been revisiting my old friend, style.com. It's been a while. Spring fashion wasn't really something I could even think about until very recently. Looks started showing up in magazines, with declarations about White! Colors! Prints! and so I was compelled to look. Kinda boring stuff this round, no? I mean, I'm way late. Entire months have passed since the runway shows. And, yes, I love the Prada flat platforms. But the clothes? What am I missing?

I'm much more drawn to a few pre-fall collections and some of the fall menswear shows right now. I'm not a buyer or editor, so the fashion cycle really doesn't matter to my life. I just take the vast output of creativity seen in show cycles as a point of departure for thinking about where I want to take my own look in the coming season. Right now, I'm really feeling this fall 2011 Walter Van Beirendonck.

The presentation made me smile. The models' antennae and face paint give them an otherworldly, cartoonish vibe. But when you break it down to its components, the looks are composed of mostly well-tailored and wearable suits, shirts, and sweaters - with the option of unbuttoning the underside of sleeves to make a cape, giving our man options.

But for me, a lady who won't wear a full suit, I'm feeling the way grayscale and other neutrals are mixed with vibrant colors. Unlike the extreme color blocking set against stark white of Jil Sander, or the colors gone wild at Prada (which I don't see as really viable looks for myself, both are far too shiny) this mixes what I already love about head-to-toe neutral monochrome with aqua, kelly green, hot pink, and yellow.

I've suppressed my love for these sorts of colors for some time now, but I think finding a way to have the clean, polished look seen here -- just under the surface of wacky hair and a few unwearable (for most) patchwork and shag rug creations -- with some extra bright touches, especially in the shoes, will bring me springtime dressing joy. I'll show you in five more months...


hereisafantasylikenowhereelse said...

I'm a fashion observer of the "pathetic fallacy" mentality - where the weather affects my mood, including my style choices. I think it's difficult to think about Spring fashion when it's freezing outside.

However, I am ready for wearing white and brown with a sprig of Spring color.

G said...

Walter Van Beirendonck is such a fantastic designer and supporter of young designers. I love reading his interviews... How amazing is that makeup?