July 31, 2010

Sweaty times

I bought sweatshorts this week at the Gap. I was at the mall because, true story, it was 95 degrees and 1000% humidity and we don't have AC (last summer was so much cooler, i didn't know it would be like this). It was death inside the casa. It came down to art museum or mall for places to escape into... So now I have like, all this new shit from Gap. Because it's that kind of mall; it's in Edina, MN.

But I think I'm back "into the Gap" so to speak. Should I be telling you this? Anyhow, when I'm there I like to take a peep into the men's section, which is where i found these:

Please, try to stay with me. I saw them on the hanger in all their glorious bro length and put them immediately into the try-on pile. I had a vision, see. It was something like this (the Source):

I take an equal amount of style inspiration from the menswear as I do from ladies these days*, and I've been wanting to get into some sweats-looks. Here was my sale-rack opportunity.

Applied some lipstick, gold jewelry, and wedges and just like that I'm not in my pajamas anymore. The vision realized:

I bought them intent on altering them, but now I'm not sure (lazy). They are rolled up 5-6 times in the photos which is a pretty bulky roll. I planned to cut off some length and then hem them, but I'm hesitant to make cuts after recently ruining my black summer shorts attempting a similar operation. The Sadness!

Oh well, I hate shorts anyway. Can't wait to wear real clothes again once the death heat days are over. Which, for us, should be in about one more month.


*Please believe I'm gonna rock some Acne men's winter 10/11 bell bottom looks.

July 29, 2010

Lasting Impression

I'm not a big Marc Jacobs fan girl, though I do appreciate his work. I wasn't impressed by the Spring 2010 show overall, though I agree with style.com's Nicole Phelps, who concluded that while it was not amazing, "it beats another tired lineup of black leather and studs." Yet somehow, after browsing said show on said website months and months ago and never thinking much about it as a whole, this singular image has been burned into my memory forever.

I think about this dress regularly. I see it in my mind when I'm walking home with groceries or parking the car. I wonder at it's lightness, the trace lines like a fashion sketch come to life. I want to touch it, to know what it looks and feels like in person, and of course to put it on and witness firsthand how, almost inexplicably, the dark lines at the edges create the sense of an edgeless garment. I think this dress is 'just beyond' or some such phrase. Knowing about this dress and others like (but not at all like) it, ones that have stuck in my brain mush for a long time, keeps me coming back for more, season after boring season.

July 24, 2010

Dusk dressing

It's not mid day heat that will make sweat stains on your silk shorts. It's not nightlife club time. (Is it ever?) It's not too hot nor too cold. It's sunset time, and I just realized it's a wonderful time to play with new outfits and think forward to how I want to dress this fall. I'm not sure what that will be, but I really liked this outfit.

I just took ownership of this Generra shirt from my man. It's such a nice teal-ish gray color, and the construction is slightly intriguing.

Also, Joie silk shorts that I found secondhand at Buffalo Exchange in San Diego. Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all. (Let's not discuss those major wrinkles. I traveled with these rolled up in a suitcase and am afraid of my iron.)

Also, it's kinda hard to tell in both the above and below photos, but my silver socks are glittery. Which makes them even better? Thanks for these, Carissa.

What I really like about the direction I'm going with this outfit is that it moves away from summer girl cuteness involving ruffles and bows and whatnot. Yes there is silk and glitter and a slight nod to schoolgirl with the socks, but the socks with shorts breaks up the expectation of long bare legs and keeps it a little weird. I also love that everything is in a cool color palette but with various fabric textures.

July 23, 2010

Before the fall

After 2 weekends of traveling I took the week off from life to reevaluate things, relax and catch up on my reading. My magazine rack makes me happy. Only, Fantastic Man is so good that it makes me kick myself for not buying The Gentlewoman when I had the chance.

I'm in need of some inspiration and motivation as the excitement of a new summer has begun to fade and fall seems to be looming. I don't know what changes fall will bring, but I am excited to find out. If you live where there are 4 seasons, perhaps you feel the same way?

Cathy Horyn at her finest

For our readers who are readers, click the quote for a good one:

"It’s your surface involvement that sustains you, maybe because you sense the real story is too complicated, and too horrific, to try to fathom."

July 20, 2010

My kind of bag

I know I talk about Shabd kind of a lot, but I keep being impressed by her products, so what can I say? I had to share these limited edition Baggus by Shabd because they are so pretty. I think these are the perfect solution for a young man or woman who thinks the small-medium sized simple backpack trend is rad, but can't commit to a vintage leather one now that everyone else is wearing them. Also, they are affordable, which is nice.

July 17, 2010

No Surprises

Please forgive the redundancy, but I just have to show some more Celine love. If you remember all the way back to October 2009, that is when my crush began. Then it only intensified by pre-fall, when I wrote an essay about my crush on Phoebe. I didn't cover fall 10/11, though, because by that point we were reaching some sort of critical mass of Celine praise, and who can compete with Tommy's up-close-in-the-details coverage?

So what I'm trying to say is can I please live in this house in Paris with no furniture and wear these looks every day on my long and lanky figure?

That would be great.

July 16, 2010

Bad Bitch

We are out of town together this weekend in Chicago for Pitchfork Music Festival. Mike is a lucky person I suppose, because he randomly got us free 3 day passes by being the winning caller on the local radio station. Isn't that funny? Fun Michael fact: homie was also on The Price Is Right! He got to spin the big wheel and everything.

WOW. I am entirely off track before we even started talking about what I came here to talk about. What I meant to do was leave you with some style inspiration. But then I realized this is actually just some confident, badass woman inspiration. It's not about what labels she's wearing, but the totally confident attitude with which she carries herself.

My hero, the original summer witch, Anjelica Huston:

The Witches was SO CREEPY.

I shall return with actual content ASAP.

July 15, 2010

Locks I Love

Photos I will take to the hair stylist that look nothing like me:

Louise and Lydia via Garance Dore

I'm attempting to grow out long luscious hair similar to these two beauties. I haven't had such length since age 8! I don't want bangs anymore, but included Lydia because that is the length I'm aiming for, and her hair seems more similar to my own. Should I have the shagginess of Louise, or the blunt line at the ends?

Can we also talk about Louise's amazing red color? I have been looking at these photos for a very long time now, while debating with myself whether or not I could pull off that exact shade of red. My hair hasn't been dyed in a few years, so I think the color would take well. If not the red, I might dye it a richer dark brown. Any thoughts?

July 14, 2010

Turkey Lurk-y

Not too much to say here except for that I've found another reason to be excited about next spring. If you've already seen these, then sit back and enjoy another look at perfection.
Umit Benan's Spring 2011 Presentation.
Dude's basically hit a homerun in every look. Check the white socks/cropped ankles above. Also love the subtle two-tone.
Takes a classic color scheme (right) and goes completely modern with details (cardigan "jacket," banded collar, volume-y pants with tie--which look oh-so-comfy.) I'd wear that look as is out the door. Hell, I'd wear this whole collection that way. Great styling.
Also love the no-bullshit attitude of the model in these shots. I read somewhere that he's a Turkish taxi driver that Umit flew in for the gig. Not sure if there's any truth to that but amusing nonetheless.
Tunics are overdue for a comeback. Gorgeous colors on the right here with the double-breasted.
I haven't even talked yet about how every single pair of pants is a work of art. I can't remember the last time I got this excited about pants in a collection--Thom Browne a few years back?
Not to mention that this whole collection is a short man's dream. The proportions are just right for my truncated, stocky frame.

Also, here's the designer himself, looking elegant in a shawl scarf and buttoned all the way up. He has a keen eye for draping, layers, and texture, and it shines through in the beautiful pieces he creates.

Good man.

July 12, 2010

Weekend Away

I've just returned from a long weekend in Seattle and Portland where I spent some quality time with two of my best friends, Amanda and Jenn. The three of us met and lived together one summer in France, 4 years ago, but have never lived in the same city in the States. So we have to get together regularly for lady adventures. It was a lovely time. I had the chance to visit some boutiques that I've been admiring from a distance, and I ate very, very well.


First up was Totokaelo. As you know I'm a big fan of the online shop and ordered my Slow and Steady Wins the Race wedges from them. The store was more sparse than I had imagined, perhaps because it's sale time, and I regretably am still shy about taking store photos while on vacation. I did spot these burnt orange Rachel Comey pants. I was too on the fence to buy them, even with the markdown, but you should.

Next was what I'm calling the Blackbird Block. Main store, candy shop, the Field House, all nearing perfection, adorable shop boys included. I was instantly swooning over so many things in Blackbird, and had to have a couple essentials: A long black t shirt dress (see below), and a black Patrick Stephan sweater-ish thing for fall, which I'll photograph soon.

So much good product.

Attached candy shop.

The most apropos window reflection, no? Sadly, this was closed for renovations.

When it's time to go out, the three of us tend to gravitate toward places with mussels, fries, beet salad, and rosé. Things we were able to find at Bastille, also in the Ballard neighborhood.


Friday night we drove to Portland and went straight to Le Pigeon, arriving just as the kitchen was about to close. I ate delicious, unspeakable things. Promise me you'll go if you visit this adorable little city.

Le Pigeon logo truffles. The perfect amount of dessert after the most decadent meal.

After dinner it was time to check into the hotel long enough for a costume change. We stayed at the Ace, obviously.

When you go on your own Portland trip, please do have a whiskey sour for me at Clyde Common, the restaurant and bar at the Ace hotel. It was the best I ever had.

Jenn matched the room.

Best friends think alike. Turns out Amanda got the same Slow and Steady Wins the Race wedges that I have, in black.

What I wore for a night out with my girls. This is the Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair dress I picked up at Blackbird in Seattle the day before. I'm so in love with it. I have been obsessively searching for a long black jersey t shirt dress for almost this whole year. It's kind of surprising how many bad, bad search results you get with "long black t shirt dress". I sadly lagged on the perfect one from Nikicio. But finally, I found one to love and call my own.

With Dolce Vita wedges.

The next day involved an afternoon inspiration search session at Powell's books, lunch at the amazingly delicious Pok Pok, and friendship fashion illustration tattoos, lol.

Aftermath and planning at Pok Pok. The food didn't want to be photographed; it wanted to be eaten. You need to experience Ike's Vietnamese fish sauce wings. Trust.

Final destination. (Well, wait, that's not true. There was a visit to ¿Por Que No? taqueria before leaving town. Seriously, so much good food in PDX.)

Very adorable, all-female operated tattoo shop. Also, obviously, recommended.

This trip was filled with so many good memories. I loved my time in the Pacific Northwest.