January 30, 2010

Only the best for you

A sampling platter from "Balletic" styled by Katie Shillingford and photographed by Ben Toms, at Dazed Digital.I have not been so enamored of an editorial in quite some time. Maybe the title aroused my oddly bourgeois/little girlish fetish for ballet aesthetics? Featuring pieces by Jil Sander, Burberry Prorsum, Margaret Howell, Gautier, Gareth Pugh, Calvin Klein, Lanvin, Vivienne Westwood... and so on. It captures perfectly the balance between dramatics and creating a desire to actually were the pieces. I would wear the shit out of the last look.

Elsewhere on the internet, new album by The Knife is streaming. I think they pair nicely.

Source: http://www.theknife.net/

January 29, 2010


I'm a fan of A BLOG, which publicizes the content of past issues of A MAGAZINE, curated by all our favorites. They are currently featuring the Riccardo Tisci issue. (Check out the mag here, the blog here.) Today's post was a pleasure to read, so I thought I'd share.

"Parallel Lines" reflects on the reinvigoration of iconic Parisian houses by young designers. I found it particularly well-written, with statements like, "There can’t be heartache for the past, there has to be a hedonism for now," connecting to my own thoughts not only about the work of designers, but about the work of self-representation through dressing.

January 28, 2010


Deep thoughts: Ugh, so tired of shorts over tights and jeans all the time. Bo-ring. I wanna wear only skirts! Lots of different lengths, patters, layers. But I don't have many to work with... 50% are black. Damn I'm broke... hate being poor... If I had more money I could just buy 100 new skirts and then happiness would rain down upon me. That is ridiculous! Didn't you say you were gonna manifest positivity in the new year? At least Mike is lucky, he has SO many shirts! Why are there so many button-up shirts in this house? How could one person need to wear so many different... hmm... well, shirts are cool. I loved plaid shirts in 5th grade, when I would dress "grunge" and tie them around my... waist... like a skirt kinda... Idea!It results in a pretty awesome ass-bustle, and the collar makes a nice waistband that only goes across the back.With the Docs, of course. And we can now cross yet another day of winter off the calendar.

January 27, 2010


With all the 90s style happening, I think it's only appropriate to pay some respect to a true 90s style icon. Raven Symone as a child.

Bitch was workin' it.I want this dress. Bubble skirt with vest/corset detailing in contrasting straps? Amazing. Not to mention jumping into the whole African-American+African-Animal meme that we're still seeing circulated by the likes of Naomi Campbell.Raven in '91:
Naomi in '09:That's so Raven!

January 22, 2010

Blanket dressing

A quick outfit post this morning before I go teach undergrads about pop culture in America...How about that mountain of snow behind me?
I'm so ready to be done with winter. I know it's waaaay too soon to feel this way, but waaah wahhh wahhhh I wanna show more exposed skin than my face and fingertips! Anyhow, I needed desperately to break out of a rut of knit cardigans so I stuffed this old Kimchi & Blue flannel poncho that i never wear anymore under my jacket.

I was inspired by Comme F/W2009, one of my favorites. My life would be so much better if I could own a jacket from this collection.

January 16, 2010

Gold digging

A couple weeks into this marriage and already I'm taking Mike's inheritance. At the wedding, Mike was given his grandfather's old watch. Today, I took a liking to it. Luckily for me it's already outfitted with a sliding clasp for adjusting the size. I think it goes nicely with my other new piece of gold jewelry. (And my favorite shirt ever - vintage men's Vivienne Westwood)I've returned to the world of the living, and may even put together an outfit for myself in the coming week. Back to school time...

January 14, 2010

Mellow Out

I'm into the simplicity of Parisian shoe line Mellow Yellow. It's in the Jeffrey Campbell price range, but rather than knock off the most outrageous "statement shoes," which I'm wary of buying because of their novelty and trendiness, the brand does understated chic. I'm really feeling understatement when it comes to accessories, as I'm thinking the blaringly loud maybe has little else to say other than, "look at me."

Some of my favorites:This is the pair I really want, but which color?
And as any Euro-philes may already know, it's soldes/saldi/sale time right now... even online.

The online shop is here.

January 13, 2010

Welcome to a new decade (a bit late)

We've been back in the US for a couple days now. I feel like I'm recovering from being hit by a train, but in a good way, like a big train full of fun. We ended the decade in the best way possible: by getting married on New Year's Eve surrounded by our closest friends and family, under a blue moon, in Los Angeles. Oh, and there was a bitchin dance party. After that we were in Rome and then on the Amalfi coast for a week, and here we are. Back in Minneapolis.

While stuffing outselves to the brink with delicious foods, we had lots of time (without once going online or using a cell phone) to think about what we want in the new year. It's an exciting time, this new decade. My friends and I have talked about this for some time, but I think it's really time to stay focused on manifesting positivity and letting yourself be a part of the world. The good will flow from that. Judgement and irony are so last decade. And I'm feeling tired of haters of all sorts, myself included. I need to keep that shit in check. It's too easy and I want to challenge myself. This new year feels half like a revelation and half like a continuation of the path I've already started to forge.

I love when I can sense others growing and changing. So far in this life, I've managed to meet some of the most inspiring people, and I'm lucky enough to count them as my close friends. I can't wait to see what this decade holds in store for us all.

All that said, here is what I bought on honeymoon in Positano, Italy: 2 pairs of new sunglasses.

Never before did I desire anything Armani, but these are quite different.
New Dior.Overall, the shopping in Italy was a bust, except for this one little glasses shop. Other than these I bought wool socks from a street vendor in Rome, and a sweater and hat because it was way colder than I expected.

Also, did you know that in Rome the shiny puffer coat is more common than pasta? After seeing so many puffers everywhere I looked, I am pretty much cured of my Moncler lust.

We'll post some wedding photos soon, but just because the clothes were special. Don't worry, it's not gonna become that kind of blog...

Happy Belated New Year!