December 10, 2010

Winter Weight (Switcheroo number 2)

Is there a prize for writing the worst title ever in the history of blogging? Do I win?

Everything about this sweater is so appropriate for our world. This is the best sweater ever. I love it. Mike loves it. It's chunky and heavy weight, just like the two of us right now as we watch the sunset together from behind a frosty window at 4pm and commence eating chili, bread, and potato products for the rest of the evening. Our lives rule so much. Sometimes, I wonder if I'll ever leave this great state. That's a joke; we will certainly leave.

But you came here for clothes, not my neurotic inability to handle winter. And this sweater will be with us no matter where this crazy world takes us. It will remain. It's just that versatile. It's so right for our lifestyle. How appropriate that Mike always refers to its color as "oatmeal." That's what I'll be eating for breakfast soon, because oatmeal is hot. Hot breakfast. Disgusting. I prefer all my meals room temperature and 90% fruit or vegetable. That's not what's up right now, in Minnesota.

Both of the items featured on Mike's body are amazing for us both. The warm double breasted sweater cardigan combined with the soft thick flannel charcoal gray shirt is a perfect winter pairing. I like these colors. Mike is stealing my palette lately, and our world is getting more and more gray, taupe, and neutral. I like to wear both of these pieces, and I like it when he wears them, too. That dark gray shirt is really the best.

So much wonderful texture. This was a secondhand purchase, and probably ranks among the all time greatest hits. 

I now resolve not to write about 1) myself,  2) the fact of winter, or 3) Minnesota for the rest of the month. I have other content in store for you that doesn't involve any of the above 3 things. Thank you for your continued support and patience.


Cory said...

Catching some Captain Ahab vibes off that cardigan! (or at least some kind of romanticized whaling vessel steez). Looks like the kind of thing you feel like wearing pretty much every day.
And I know what it's like when the weather is oppressively shit, it's hard not to always have it on your mind, Canadians are notorious for being "weather obsessed" which is an interesting way of saying the weather is so frequently abhorrent it's like a current events issue.

Izzy said...

Your titles might be a smidge wonky, but your writing is full of love! Great sweater, I love the almost weathered texture. I wonder how soft it is in real life?