December 8, 2010

Reasons why I won't be resubscribing to Elle

Elle magazine wants my continued business.

And yours.

And I truly want to support print publications. But when I open that desperate plea of a cover to the actual cover only to see the "Bombshell in Bloom" starring in: "The ACCESSORIES," you can imagine my disappointment.

I have decided not to resubscribe. Here is a short list of reasons why.

1. Irrelevant celebrities (cont. from above) ad nauseam:

2. Dated trends presented as the "new" ideas:

3. Content not suited to my lifestyle, to say the least:

Apparently there is a poppin "nightlife" at the ski resort, to which you should wear a gown and fur?

Or, if you're more into spending lavish amounts of money being catered to by brown people in their natural habitat rather that Aspen, there is this.

But wait, there's more.

4. Finally, um, "Arm yourself for murder on the Orient Express"?

This on the following page does not fix it:

I'm not trying to hate, really. This is obviously a culling together of what were, in my opinion, some notable lows of the last few issues. To be fair, during my year as a subscriber, I enjoyed numerous well-done profiles and editorials. But at best, it was "spot on," at worst:

Shit, I couldn't choose between these two to make my point!

I just think that it's time to be a bit more selective on the glossy paper publications I let into my home. I hate dragging a big heavy pile of these things out to the recycling bin. I would like to try to just buy especially good issues from a variety of sources, including Elle, on those occasions when it's worth the paper it's printed on.


Michael said...

I, for one, won't miss seeing this trash laying all over the house.


ellen said...

aw, i'm looking forward to seeing what jumbled mystery book analogies are next. The Purloined Letter? The Maltese Falcon? hhm, but there's no way to make those slightly racist...

Ann said...

THANK YOU! I SO AGREE! I hate Elle now, but since I had subscribed through Amazon, it was pretty much impossible to cancel my subscription before it was up. Now I have half a years' worth of Elles piled up in my house. I'm especially irked by the lack of interesting cover stars - I mean, WTF has Kate Hudson or Jessica Alba done lately?! Or even fashionably noteworthy!? Okay, I have to stop before I go into full rage mode.

Taj said...

I pretty much agree with everything you said. I only have one problem with this: GWYNETH PALTROW IS NEVER IRRELEVANT!! kthxbai