December 15, 2010


As you may be aware, the gift giving holiday season is upon us. If you are Jewish, it has already concluded and I'm sorry I didn't think to do this sooner. Honestly, this post is probably too late to help most people, but since it's the season for giving, I thought I would share some excellent gift choices with you.

I would never make a list just to encourage rampant consumption. But after a few recent etsy purchases, I remembered just how special its community of members can be. So many etsy purchases come with an extra free gift, a handwritten thank you note, beautiful packaging, discount codes, etc. I appreciate that these independent artisans and vintage hunters put such care into every step from creating to marketing their work. So, as a strong supporter of what etsy offers, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite shops with handmade things as a seasonal shopping list thing. Or, you can just bookmark for special present giving occasions in the future.


I stumbled upon this bag recently. I don't have a need that would justify it, since I got my ClareVivier handmade leather number this year, and it's been all I need in a daily bag. But perhaps you or someone you like enough to spend a lot of money on needs a new bag? A beautiful hand crafted one in this perfect color and shape?

Rennes hails from Boston, MA and describes the label as a small operation run out of a home studio. There are many more bags and small pouches in the shop, but this one is close to perfection. 

I am very intrigued by this particular garment, which is upcycled from vintage trousers and incorporates a harness. I can't deny that I'm also pretty into this woman's neck tattoo. 

Peeko is from Calgary, Canada and focuses on sustainability in her designs. As with Rennes above, this is hands down the highlight of the shop from my perspective, though you should go look and decide for yourself.

This 'Storm Cloak' seems to me a practical and necessary basic. 

Audrey Cantwell is probably on my radar due to cross-blogger promoting. Her items are made by hand in Montreal, and she offers something pretty special amidst all that twee vintage.

4. Element Clay Studio  
These sea urchin and scallop bowls are among my favorite things in the etsysphere. They are made by Heather Knight, working form Asheville, NC. I would like to have one of each thing from her entire store. They would fit perfectly into my home decor. 

I have browsed this shop for the beautiful images on so many occasions. I appreciate those shops that make for good computer-window shopping. This one is at the top of my list. 

5. Sycamore Street Press 
Basically, I'm a sucker for all the components of this shop's brand. They heavily feature French bulldogs, pugs, and other adorable creatures, and the cards are made on a vintage letterpress. I am pretty sure I need to place an order now. 

Most of their products are printed with soy based ink on 100% recycled paper, and come to you from Heber City, UT, wherever that is. 

That concludes today's broadcast. For those of you out there with etsy accounts, I think you should share some of your favorite shops as well. What am I missing out on? 

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Izzy said...

the Rennes bag is impressive. can't believe it hails from my (beloved) seemingly fashion-ignorant Boston.