December 12, 2010

Blanket Shapes

This is from a few months back, and has been on my mind since. I don't follow models very closely, but am familiar with those that get constant mention in magazines. Freja Beha Erichsen falls into that category. I see her face and read her name a lot lately. And, I do quite like her hair.

The whole feel of this is just so right. She poses in interesting configurations without jumping up in the air even once. Why, in American Vogue, do the models need to be airborne so often with a ponytail that is in a zero gravity levitation behind their heads? I should look into that.

There is a noteworthy lack of bullshit here. Just complex dark draping and rich fabrics accessorized with odd braided dangling bits and deep red foliage. Not to mention this cover with a huge black hat. All things point toward this speaking to my deep and innermost personal brand.

I'm in love with these trousers.

This, for me, is a highlight.

What is this garment? I need it.

Saved my favorite for last.

All photos via Paper Mode

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Stephanie said...

I would contemplate marriage (to Freja, perhaps?) as an excuse for wearing that last, perfect ensemble. Thanks for sharing.