December 18, 2010


As noted over on the list to the right, I'm a big fan of the anywho blog. I'm also happy that blogging has opened up a space for people to create the kinds of products they want to see in the world, with Tavi planning some sort of Sassy-esque mag with its original founder Jane Pratt, and Zana's great successes in leatherworks of recent note.

Another blogger enterprising endeavor that I am already primed to favor is the recently created anywho shop with a few their own designs. While these are basically big sizeless and shapeless drapings to give yourself some top-layer drama, they are perfectly done with wide lapels, what appear to be sack-like pockets, and raw edged sleeves for self-altering. The colors are excellent, and the blanket shape just seems to be the garment ideal for the winter season. I'm not joking when I say that I both lust for one of these jackets, and think it's barely not a Snuggie.

Let's roll those images, shall we?

My favorite:

Sure, it seems that with the right scissor work, or even just the right draping technique, you could achieve the look for only $14.95. Of course everything looks better on a tall Scandinavian model wearing platforms and a bodysuit.

HOWEVER, that would be like when people look at modern art and say, "My kid could do that." Yes, it's true. You or even your child could create a modern masterpiece, but did they? No, they did not. They probably watched TV, and now wear a Snuggie while watching TV.

The women of anywho, like so many Americas, simply wanted to wear a blanket with sleeves. The desire to do so is undeniable. In fact, I'm draped in a blanket right now, wishing it had sleeves. The logic is sound. But I, unlike most Americans, would prefer to spend a couple hundred dollars on a fashion blanket made out of wool than to buy a $14.95 -- or even a $24.95 microplush zebra print -- Snuggie. And that is one reason why I write this blog.



these looks super comfy and chic definitely better with heels!
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Susie said...


Did you even read the written portions of this post?

i don't Use Twitter, xoxo


Dear readers,

Re: above: I slept on it, and decided it had to be done.


those tricks said...

I recently did a post @ how pants never fit without stretching, yanking when you sit/stand, giving up a nice butt fit for waist fit, etc etc and there seems to be a consensus that is the case for most of us ladies.

Hoping the blogosphere will advise apparel makers about all sorts of issues like this, so we may all have clothing we crave. You'd think so, since they make more money when they sell things we, well - love and can wear!!